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Online Poker

Online Poker

Poker has a history of being a great game, back when cowboys would play in the saloon, all the way to the present when poker tournaments are televised and can even be played through a computer from the comfort of your own home. Online poker has gotten to be such a huge success that it has become world known, played, and enjoyed by millions of people. This is the reason poker has been changing and turning into all sorts of variations; each with its unique features. With great gaming, and its soar in popularity, there are obviously rules on how to play, as well as where gambling is allowed. This is why some of the more popular online poker websites are regulated, where they are split into two categories, US friendly and Non-US friendly. All of these poker websites are kept up to date, along with their poker reviews and recommendations as to provide better quality information to those that wish to play online poker.

US Friendly Poker

Several online poker sites enjoy being US friendly, and thus players from the US are allowed to use their services. Some of these great online poker sites include Aced Poker, a down to earth site that offers a great experience for those casual poker players. Colt Poker, a relatively new site that is gaining popularity fast. BetOnline Poker and Carbon Poker are both becoming world re-known poker sites, with nowhere to go but up. These online poker websites are not solely eligible for US players, but are also open to players from other regions as well.

Non-US Friendly Poker

There are other online poker websites that do not wish to change their policies and rules, and no longer allow US players. A few excellent poker sites are Bodog Poker, Inter Poker, and Paradise Poker. WPT Poker is another very popular online poker site, based off of the reputation of its land based predecessor, the World Poker Tour. Even if you live outside of the US, there are a few other countries that are not allowed on these websites either; however they are few, making it likely that they are open to almost anyone. Remember to stay in touch as the information is kept up to date, making it likely that other great poker sites are sure to be mentioned.

Online Poker Tournaments

Imagine making a name for yourself, being the top dog. It has always been said that the higher the risk, the bigger the reward. Playing a few hands here and there on random tables may be a good place to start, gain some experience, and money. However, a player looking for and wanting more than simply a way to pass the time, should move on to a bigger and better things. Tournaments have always been a battle ground, where the brave go out to meet their fate and achieve glory. It has been this way since time began, simply look at the Gladiators, fierce warriors with only one goal in mind, to win and be recognized for their skills; the only thing that has changed from the past is the way to achieve it all.

There are no excuses for anyone to not play in online poker tournaments. Many of the great poker websites have daily, weekly, and monthly tournaments that offer different prizes, but they all offer a chance to gain the knowledge needed to succeed. Apart from the endless amount of offered tourneys, they also have great bonuses and promotions. Some promotions include free entries into high stakes tournaments, as well as cash prizes that can be used to buy a spot in the event. The online poker sites want players to sign up for their tournaments, and so should you. The more people that join, the bigger the pay-out will be for the winners. Taking a look at how the pros play poker, they keep their eye on the prize, and even though money is important, what they want more than that is the excitement that goes into defeating so many players, easy and hard alike. It is not an easy task, if it was there would be no meaning to it.

Online poker tournaments are a place where people from all around the world come seeking that prize; a great place to find friends, or a nemesis. Prove your mettle while playing poker in a tournament, it is worth it.

Sunshine Poker - How To:

Poker Tips

There are so many ways to improve, and get better. There is always the play and learn approach that many use, however there are other ways to go about getting good enough to win. Big time poker players want more and more people to get into playing poker, and the way they help do this is by offering their expertise. Following the tips and help offered by them, which can be found easily, players now a day have an advantage that the older generation of players did not have. Each area in a player’s repertoire needs a solid foundation, or else mistakes and mishaps can occur, frequently. There are tips on how to become a better player, as well as how to manage your account that can be used to start off on the right track. These tips should be taken as guidelines that can help improve the players skills, however the player should also gain knowledge by applying, adapting, and creating new experience.

It is always important to find and use other players tells against them, using the Three Common Poker Tells is a good way to start finding them. A players Timing can be a big tell; depending on their reaction time during the deal or the flop. These players usually follow certain patterns as the game progresses, look for these and test them out. The way a player Bets can also be a tell; there are two basic ways of betting, the Nervous and the Confident bet. The third common poker tell is in the eyes. The eyes can give away so much information; this is why some players choose to wear hats or sunglasses. Always be focused looking for these tells, but do not forget to hide your own.

Many poker players, in order to gain fame and fortune, use a technique called multi-tabling; this is where a player sits in on various tables at the same time. Using the Tips for Multi-Tabling Sit and Go’s a player can maximize a player’s efficiency, as well as their pay-outs. Some experienced players say that someone new should start out slow at one table and work their way up to more tables as their confidence increases. Other say to simply dive in, since the challenge makes it fun. The concept behind Sit and Go’s is the fact that they are fast paced and there are always multiple tournaments going on. The key to success at accomplishing this is Concentration. Having to make split-second decisions, moving to the other tables in time to make bets, and remembering moves made by the other players are factors that are needed when multi-tabling.

How can a player better manage their winnings, simply by following the Tips on How to Manage Your Bankroll. There is a rule of thumb that players bankroll should be twenty times the amount of the buy-in and rake. They also need to get familiar with the statistics of each table they play at. High pots usually mean the table is somewhat loose, so the trick to winning at these tables is to play tight. There are also other tables where there are a high number of players betting after the flop, this is a good chance to win a large pot since more players means more bets. Singing up for new poker sites and looking for bonuses and promotions at current poker sites will help increase a players bankroll in order to provide them the necessary funds to enter and win various games and tournaments.

Online Poker How To:

Poker is always changing, adapting with new situations and players, this is what makes it such a great game. For the inexperienced players there is a disadvantage when playing against the more experienced; the skills learned throughout the years are vastly different. This is why there are several ways to improve quickly by learning the basics with various how to’s that come from experienced poker players passing on their knowledge. These helpful poker tips do not take away from personal instinct, which is what half of poker playing is, but strengthen it. When a player learns the possibilities and strategies on how to win at poker, the game will be more entertaining, as well as lucrative. Luck is always a factor when playing poker (even though skill is needed too); this is why the How to Get Lucky is not only a must read, but a must attain. In order to get lucky, a player needs to be in the right mindset. This is why having fun while playing should be the most important factor, not the money; since it is merely a tool to stay in the game. Being a patient player lets them focus and pay attention to details which would otherwise escape them. Always look to improve, and the way to do that is challenge poker players better than you. Do not fear mistakes, or else it will not let you take risks that could become wins. Once a player gets more experienced at playing poker, they may want to step up the level of competition and play in tournaments. Using the expertise from professional poker players in How to Win Poker Tournaments can vastly increase the odds of winning in the competitive environment. There are five general tips they give new players. Be aggressive; do not wait for the perfect hand because there is a small chance of that happening. Picking weak opponents and not being scared of the bubble, both of these will help you get into the final tables. The right mentality is also needed, the new poker player needs to always have first place in their head. Along with that, poker players should not Tilt; this is where they show emotions, such as anger when something does not go their way. The How To’s are always there for anyone, whether they be new or experienced poker enthusiast that want to improve by learning and taking advice from people who have studied and played poker for a lifetime. Remember, there are three components that are involved when playing poker, there is luck, skill, and instinct. Finding the right balance will make for an incredible poker master.
Latest News

New Jersey Releases Mixed March Online Numbers The month of March saw online casinos in New Jersey bring in just a little more than they did in February, however poker was at a standstill and land based casinos in Atlantic City continued to struggle. Although the revenue being generated by regulated online casinos in New Jersey is not what the state expected or forecasted, there has been slight growth each month, which is some compensation, and in March that growth was 15% over February with online casinos winning $11.9 Million...

read more in Nevada Now Offering Neteller Times have changed in US online poker and only a short few years ago it was Neteller, when pulling out of the US market, that left many players with few options in funding and withdrawing from their accounts, however now it makes its return in Nevada. Just last month Neteller went live in New Jersey, offering players a great option at the site in the Garden State, and now that offering has been expended to the Nevada site too...

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Win Your WSOP 2014 Main Event Package at Bovada Now! Huge news for all US online poker players as Bovada Poker announce their biggest ever WSOP promotion that provides players plenty of ways of booking their seat to the WSOP 2014 Main Event, and plenty more. You could be on your way to Las Vegas between May 27th and July 14th, and who knows, maybe you’ll be returning in November for the Main Event final table! From April 14th Bovada are serving up 4 different promotions that could send you packing to Sin City and this promotion runs all the way through until June, giving you plenty of chances and plenty of time...

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Paying Taxes on Your Regulated US Online Poker Winnings Those online poker players who’ve played and won in one of Nevada’s regulated online poker rooms be that Ultimate Poker, Real Gaming or will have to start thinking about paying taxes on those winnings as although the IRS do not have a data sharing deal with the Nevada rooms they can request access to information at anytime. This means that the IRS may easily find a player who’s won and not played ball with them as the laws regarding regulated online poker in the state mean that rooms must comply and players have to pay their dues...

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What is the Mid-Stakes Poker Tour? Quite simply, the Mid States Poker Tour is a series of land based poker tournaments that take place in the Midwest. Founded by Bryan Mileski the MSPT offers poker players of that area and beyond the chance to participate in deep stack Texas Hold’em tournaments that take place at the best venues offering amatuer players the opportunity to participate in quality land based poker events at a price they can afford...

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Free Cash and Big Tourneys in April at Full Flush Poker No matter whether you’re an existing player or yet to start sampling the great action at the US friendly Full Flush Poker then April is looking like a superb month as they are rolling out the poker bonuses for all, serving up some superb tournaments and throwing in a load of extras on top too. New players will get a fantastic welcome bonus of 150% up to $600 and a fantastic 20% cash back deal on deposits over $50...

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Robert Panitch Wins St Louis WSOP Circuit Main Event The WSOP Circuit St Louis Main Event saw an incredible finale with a record breaking heads up battle between Robert Edelstein and Robert Panitch that lasted a breathtaking 10.5 hours! The 62 year old retired plant salesman beat a field of 416 players to take a cool $137,283, the WSOP Circuit gold ring and his seat in the National Championships to be held in May, and just after winning said that, ‘I’m not even tired, this woke me up.” After a year out, the Circuit returned to St Louis and the main event generated a total prize pool of $624,000 with the top 45 players getting in on the money. There were plenty of familiar faces at the tables with the likes of Valentin Vornicu, Allen Kessler, Ben Grise and John Holley all making an appearance but none of them made the final table...

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The Carbon Poker Chip King is Back The $10,000 Chip King is back at Carbon Poker and and all throughout the month of April there’s a whole host of Carbon freerolls to boost your bankroll. You will need to opt in to the Chip King promotion, which is done with a simple click, and when you’re in you’ll have to earn 100 Carbon VIP points within each date range, and all players that have earned 500 points for the month will get a seat in the big $5K freeroll...

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Regulated US Poker Sites Hit Springtime Downturn As spring kicks in it’s normal that numbers of players on all online poker sites drop a little as casual and recreational players drop off the radar a little, and that’s exactly what’s happened in all states involved in regulated poker. The same happens in the larger offshore regulated rooms such as Bovada too, however with much larger player pools, those people that play during the warmer months hardly notice the difference in player numbers...

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Carbon Mobile Poker Accolades April Promotion Carbon poker is the only US facing online poker room that delivers a decent real money mobile poker solution and although you’ll get plenty of play money apps and social poker games, real money mobile poker is something that yet to truly take off in the US. It’s at a more advanced stage in Europe and most large regulated rooms will offer an on the go solution however even players at the large European rooms are still only provided with a limited mobile offering, usually restricted to Texas Hold’em cash games and sit n go’s...

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