Does Gambling Need Mathematics? 

To do something, we got to learn how to do it from the very beginning in order to improve ourselves in it. To eat something, we got to taste it first before we could decide whether it is suitable to our preference or not. To live somewhere, we got to learn how to adapt ourselves to the surroundings and lifestyle. 
That is the same concept of gambling.
To gamble or to improve the art of gambling, we got to learn the skills of mathematics. Why mathematics? Does mathematics really play a part in gambling? Read on more to figure out does gambling needs mathematics.
In our society, most of the gamblers assumed that the art of gambling is based on luck. How may I define luck? Luck in throwing the dices and crossing your fingers at the back, hoping that the number, which hits the jackpot for you, appears is how I define it. If you think about it, that method does work if and only if luck is by your side. So, how do you want to keep track smoothly even though luck is not by your side? It is as simple as ABC. The answer to that question is mathematics.
It is just not normal and common mathematics. The mathematics in gambling includes probability and random events. How shall I define probability and random events? During my school years, we learn probability and random events in my additional mathematics syllabus. From what I learnt, probability and random events has a connection in mathematics. The calculation made could determine when a person wins or loses a bet.
This mathematics concept is different from luck. The luck theory shows that you will never know when you lose or win before or during the gambling round. However, the mathematics concept could determine whether it is a good bet or vice versa. Get the picture? Indeed, mathematics is a necessary tool when it comes to gambling because using common sense, gambling includes money and numbers. Explains why we need mathematics.
Random events also mean that things happened at random and could not be determined when the roulette moves or the dice is thrown. You won't know what you will get. However when you learn the art of gambling and concept of mathematics altogether, you will somehow be more professional in determining the numbers to win the bets efficiently.
This is only the beginning. There is so much more to gain in knowledge and skills to take over to be the professional and efficient player in gambling. In this sector, there are also erroneous beliefs, probability, odds, and random chances, how to generate random events as well as why do we see patterns in sequences of random events.
In conclusion, I must conclude that gambling needs the concept of mathematics, which involves probability and random events altogether.