Online Poker Tournaments

As the online gaming industry grows, so does the amount of players, and available poker games. One of the most popular games that online gaming sites offer is Poker. The avid poker player, with the ease and comfort online gaming has brought, can now play online against players all over the country, and in some cases the world. Playing leisurely has its perks, however, for the player that wants to bet big and see what it feels like to sit at a table during a tournament, he/she in luck then thanks to the online experience. There are amazing online casinos that offer poker tournaments to their players. They each offer different perks and bonuses depending on which kind of tournament is being played, as well as the payout for the winners.

Types of Tournaments

There is a variety of online poker tournaments and different rules for each. The types of tournaments these include are: Multi-table tournaments, Single table tournaments, Freerolls, Poker Point tournaments, Qualifiers, Shorthanded Sit-and-Go tournaments, Re-buy tournaments, big event satellites, and beginner level tournaments (if not more). If you have ever watched the poker tournaments on ESPN, which is a good example of what a Multi-table tourney is, each player has to initially prove their worth at the first few tables, and then finally having a harder time with the final tables; where the pressure to win and the luck of the draw converge. Freerolls and qualifiers are a great way to incentivize good but reluctant players to join a tournament, where they are actually bankrolled by the website (usually), up to a certain amount, and get to keep the winnings. Any player would be nervous to sit down and play against experienced poker players, and that is why beginner tournaments are such a great idea, as well as online tournaments. Allow them to feel the pressure and gain experience while playing against real players. On top of these big time tournaments, they also offer Daily Tournaments that are faster paced and have lower payouts.

Tournament Incentives

On top of the Freerolls and Qualifiers, these online poker rooms offer the players many more great promotions when they sign up to play in the poker tournaments. Some have some good promotions such as pools of around 150K guaranteed tournaments where even for showing up and playing you might earn some cash. Among these promotions, they also offer a Tournament Bonus Guarantee, which you get up to 25% in free play bonuses on each deposit a player makes. Some other examples of usual poker tournaments you might see around our recommended poker rooms include some similar to a 750K available for the winning players, high stakes and competitive environments where players can show their skills, and much more. These are the types of incentives that these online rooms offer players, which would otherwise be reluctant to join in order to give a great experience and fill the seats at these amazing tournaments.

Playing in the Tournaments

The Online Poker Tournaments are gaining momentum and a large following, especially with the ease and comfort the online scenario brings. Playing in these tournaments can be fun, exciting, and highly competitive, making it a great way to either sit back and relax, or go all in. With the many variations, as well as the different payouts of tournaments there are, you can be assured that it caters to all and any player that wants to play poker. Read more How to Win Poker Tournaments and Poker Tournament Tips