PrimaPin Prepaid Phone Card

PrimaPin actually refers to a secure way of payment system by the players which allows them to use any of the United States issued Visa or any other card. The payment is done to purchase prepaid calling cards. Such cards are used to receive similar ecash that is created at certified merchants only.

For any person it is easy enough to get logged in the PrimaPin account and within minutes he can avail various such facilities that were unknown to him. Due to this, he can get to register for free PrimaPin account, get to purchase a calling card with his card and ultimately redeem his calling card for eCash credits or even to make long distance calls.

The primaPin website is free to sign in and redeem his card for long distance calls for free without any charges. Further, he can load his card by his Visa card or by his Master card with 3 percent of convenient fees. For signing up, he can click to buy a card on the provided tab or link and fill a form that is provided to him. Once he fills up the form his username and password gets sent to him through email to his substitute email id.

In such primaPin online website, he can surely purchase the phone time after he logs on his account. He simply has to follow the links to purchase a new card or refill a card on his personal card purchase history page. At present, the primaPin website accepts all United States issued Master and Visa Card only. The registered person can start using his PrimaPin card soon after purchase of the card.

The person has to receive his PIN/card number, after which he can be able to dial the proper toll free number that is situated in his email from the website and he can follow the tips in due course provided to him through the phone line. Also, when he loads his PrimaPin account, he can be able to go to his merchant’s deposit page and select the method. He has to follow certain instructions like enter his transfer amount, card number and control number, after which he can click and make deposits to complete the transaction. Due to this his funds will be instantly transferred and he can be able to fund his account.

The registered person can definitely use his “mytime” for calls and for funding his eCash account. Thus, his cards can be used for both making long distance calls and for funding his eCash account and providing him with sufficient balance. He can also get to confirm his current balance by just logging in the PrimaPin account. However, his time would expire around six months after he had purchased or just after 3 months after first using of his account. He can even get to check his account to view his account and balance details. For the same, he has to go to the purchase history page and get to see the purchased card and current balance information.

The PrimaPin website focuses on the person to avail the redeem facility of the unused time, get an appropriate password, and there is also night and day customer online support for him. The website is known for its excellent service, security of personal information and has a full refund which is a less of 15 percent of the fee within 2 days from the date of purchase of a person.