Bodog Poker Open IV Series

We are sorry to inform you that this particular poker room is now closed for USA players. There are however still numerous reputable online poker rooms available for the US player to enjoy. May we recommend the following: Black Chip PokerBetOnline PokerAmerica's Card Room

Bodog PokerFrom November 1 through the 8th, the Bodog Poker Open IV Series will commence!

This is exciting news for poker players, as the winner will not only receive full media coverage, but will be featured in the Card Player Magazine. There are seven events in the series topped by the main event. The winner of this event will receive a FREE SEAT to the main event in addition to the prize pool payout.

Bodog is the Place! Poker is the Game! The Contender Series is the Name!

Bodog will also feature the Contender Series, a second series which is a mini-version of the Championship series. It offers players a more affordable means of entering this series by lowering the buy-in amount to $5. With the main event buy-in priced at $50, players will be delighted to be able to play in the mini-version. Winners of the contender series will also receive a seat at the contender series main event.

Let the Games Begin!

The Bodog Poker Open IV will consist of the following games: No Limit Hold'em and Pot Limit Texas Hold'em. We have added the events for the Bodog Poker IV Series as well as the Contender Series here so that you can mark your calendar and join Bodog Poker to ensure you have a place at the poker table.

EventDateDayTimeBuy-inPrize Pool
No Limit Holdem1st November 2009Sunday4:00 ET$100 + $9$15,000 Guaranteed
No Limit Holdem2nd November 2009Monday8:30 ET$250 + $20$5000 added
No Limit Holdem (6max)3rd November 2009Tuesday8:30 ET$300 + $25$5000 added
No Limit Holdem (Rebuy)4th November 2009Wednesday8:30 ET$50 + $5$5000 added
Pot Limit Holdem5th November 2009Thursday8:30 ET$150 + $12$5000 added
Limit Holdem6th November 2009Friday8:30 ET$150 + $12$2500 added
Satellite Sat7th November 2009Saturday---
No Limit Holdem - Main Event8th November 2009Sunday4:00 ET$470 + $30$25,000 Guaranteed

The Contender Series of Events

EventDateDayTimeBuy-inPrize Pool
No Limit Holdem1st November 2009Sunday4:30 ET$10 + $1$7,500 Guaranteed
No Limit Holdem2nd November 2009Monday9:15 ET$25 + $2.50
No Limit Holdem (6max)3rd November 2009Tuesday9:15 ET$15 + $1.50$5000 added
No Limit Holdem (Rebuy)4th November 2009Wednesday9:15 ET$5 + $1
Pot Limit Holdem5th November 2009Thursday9:15 ET$20 + $2
Limit Holdem6th November 2009Friday8:30 ET$15 + $1.50
No Limit Holdem (Turbo)7th November 2009Saturday5:00 ET$25 + $2.50
No Limit Holdem - Finale8th November 2009Sunday5:00 ET$46 + $4$2,500 Guaranteed