The Boss Poker Network is actually called the International Poker Network and is owned by Boss Media, which is why it is also referred to as the Boss Poker Network. Their headquarters are located in Vaxjo, Sweden, and they make use of the licensing and regulation through Malta and its gaming authority. They are open to most countries around the world but they do not accept US players. Boss Media is also responsible for the creation and development of the software being used currently by the network. They have had a long established career, and have 36 online poker sites affiliated to the network currently. They do get a good amount of traffic, depending on the days, even the hours.

Boss Network Software

The Boss network software they created is not something that will blow anyone’s minds. What it does have is a good track record when it comes to stability and good gameplay. What most players look for in software designed for poker is not how glamorous the presentation is, but how reliable it is. Being able to play smoothly, although lacking certain graphic extras, is better than playing on a buggy and content crowded table. The software was designed keeping in mind that not all users have the same kind of devices. The software download is compatible with PC and Mac users, and the download is absolutely free. Another good feature that the software download comes with is the fact that the player can pick which language they want it in; it is called the International Poker Network after all. For those players that are always on the go and do not have a PC or laptop that they constantly use, they can play through their browser using the Instant Play option.

Boss Poker Network Traffic and Websites

The Boss Poker network is a well-established network, and they have an average traffic count. They do have 36 poker sites, which is about the average amount of sites that the higher ranking networks have. Their traffic count, as with all networks, depends on the day, as well as the hour. During the evening and night is when the IPN gets the most traffic, averaging 800 real money game players. During the entire day they average about 7,000 players.

Having 36 poker sites, which would be an average amount among the other networks; they have plenty of room to grow. Leading the pack are Poker Heaven and Virgin Poker . The Virgin Poker site is actually owned by the Virgin Group and a player can tell just by looking at their logo. It has all the essential information, bonuses, software, and even a tournament schedule. Poker Heaven is not that much different, containing much of the same information, but having a different layout. The layout is actually less cluttered, having the information in its respective links.

Boss Poker Network Games

The International Poker Network has a good selection of poker games. They focus mainly on Texas Hold’em and Omaha, along with its variation, Omaha Hi/Lo. These two are the biggest attractions for the players, but it does not mean that they do not have something for everyone. They also offer several variations of 5 Card type games; 5 Card Draw, 5 Card Stud, and 5 Card Draw 7-A. They even have 7 Card Stud. An off-beat less common game that they offer is Soko, which introduces two new hand combinations to regular hand rankings. It comes with standard software that enables players to enjoy playing, rather than having spiffy colours and animations; which add no value to the gameplay. There are plenty of websites to choose from, along with a good moderate crowd to play against.