The Revolution Gaming Network used to be known to many as the Cake Poker Network. They were bought out in May 2012 by Lock Poker. Lock Poker used to be part of the Merge Gaming Network, until they decided that they wanted to go independent, and decided to buy the Cake Network. The Cake Network has the reputation of being a solid poker network with all the tools that was needed in order to become the Revolution Gaming Network. The Cake Poker website was the flag ship for this whole venture when known as Cake Network; however, once bought, Lock Poker became the flagship. The network will be using the Cake Gaming software that has always been provided, as well as keeping their own cashier, separate from the Lock Poker cashier; incidentally the Cake cashier, as well as the Lock Poker cashier, has been mentioned as being very fast and effective. They are headquartered in Curacao, Dutch Antilles, where they are also regulated and licensed for online gambling. With their new found glory, they have been able to surpass the Merge network in terms of traffic. The Revolution Gaming Network, just like Cake and Lock Poker has been doing, are open to US players.

Revolution Gaming Software

Although the network did change ownership, and name, they are keeping the same software provider since they have both experience and a good reputation; Cake Gaming will stay on as the software provider. The software package that the old Cake Poker Network and the newly reinvented Revolution Gaming network have is the same as before. If it is not broken, do not fix it and this is what the new owners of this network have decided. The software runs smoothly, has great graphics, and the gameplay is one of the best among the US friendly networks. The software package was developed for players using Windows operating systems, but they have several ways to work-around this for the Mac users. They offer several emulators that can be used so players using their Mac’s can play. Although they do offer these options, they do not guarantee that it will work for everyone. As is most software for online poker play, this software is also free to download and install.

The team at Cake Gaming is always looking to improve upon the software and they have proven to be very good at this. They have taken user comments and modified the software, making it more versatile. Little things like allowing the game tables to be resized, as well as having an advanced game filter, allow the players to enjoy their experience a lot more. They also have other improvements, such as navigation and performance.

Revolution Gaming Network Traffic and Websites

With the new merger and revamping of the network, there has been an increase in traffic bringing them to one of the biggest networks for US players. The network usually averages anywhere between 1,100 to 1,900 real money game players, depending on the day. They have been steadily increasing the total number of players per day as well, where they used to be maxing out at about 3,500 players, are now up to 5,000 players. This positive increase does not seem to be slowing down, as more players move from the other networks over to the Revolution Gaming Network.

As mentioned before, the network’s flag ship is the Lock Poker website, but it is not the only one that is popular. With the acquisition, Lock Poker brought in to the mix their already growing member base, creating a great duo of highly popular websites with the previous flagship, Cake Poker. Keeping their identities separate, although they are now in one network, has been a very good thing. They can maintain a good level of service, as well as a little healthy competition between sites. In the end, it all goes to the same place; they might as well have fun with it.

Revolution Gaming Network Games

The Cake Poker website focuses mainly on the big two of the poker world, Texas Hold’em and Omaha, with its variation, Omaha Hi/Lo. Whereas Lock Poker brings those two, as well as other types of poker games. They include games like 5 Card Draw and some of its variations, 7 Card Stud, 7 Card Stud Hi/Lo, and HORSE. They also have some less conventional poker games like Razz and Badugi.

This newly revamped and reinvented network is sweeping across the online poker world, and it is no surprise they are doing so well.