Doragon's Gems Slots

Doragon's Gems Slots is the Realtime Gaming title released in the Summer of 2021. This 5 reel slot offers players 25 pay lines to earn from, and a wide array of mystical gems to match for unearthly treasures. Doragon's Gems Slots is a highly volatile game with up to 50,000x a single wager! Find this fantastic gem matcher at most popular online casino platforms including Slot Tastic, Red Dog Casino and Vegas Slots Online to name a few.

Optimized for both desktop and mobile, Doragon's Gems Slots is a fluid game with fun mechanics and some of the best visuals in slots gaming. Cascading wins and wilds make for awesomely rewarding and beautifully animated matches. Doragon's Gems Slots

is a world of gorgeously drawn dragons and the eggs they breed. The sheen on each dragon and bonus is glowing and has a wide variety of beautiful rainbow prism colors.

This is a fantastic entry level title as the minimum bet is $.02 and the max bet is only $5. Wagering at the highest level can lead to the best in Doragon's Gems Slots rewards including scatter free spins and up to 100x a single wager. The look of the clubs, spades, diamonds and hearts are just as beautiful as the dragons themselves. The game would be better titled as Doragon's Dragons, but it's on players to vanquish the dragons and collect the gems they leave behind.

Red, pink and blue dragons are all worth the most and must be matched minimally as 3 of a kind to accrue rewards. There are 4 of a kind prizes and 5 of a kind will land the max prize for that particular match and wager. Doragon's Gems Slots is a Realtime Gaming modern day classic and it's as rewarding as it is immersive. RTG has done a fantastic job of yet again including a free play demo mode in which players can see what it's like to wager big without losing any real money.

Players can hop in to day and find Doragon's Gems Slots at their favorite popular online casinos. This is a top tier slots games with promotions ongoing constantly. From the thousands of free credits in the demo mode to try out big wagers, to the pure fun of the grid filled with colorful dragons and awesome sound effects, it all just works in the RTG new era title. This is a fantastic game and works for entry level players and veterans alike.