Poker 5 Cards

Exciting and Amusing Poker 5 Cards

Poker 5 is a very interesting game. If one starts playing it, he gets addicted to it and keeps playing it again and again. There's always a chance that Lady Luck is going to smile but most of the time, she's the devil instead. But still we feel like taking a chance and keep playing with the hope of winning next time. Suppose, if poker is not available at the place where you are, but if you have a computer, then the game is near you. The online poker 5 card is not like an online casino. In the poker 5 card game, there is no need to bet. Although, it may sound boring, it is better for beginners to just learn what the game is about and master a few skills in playing online without worrying about any loss of money.

While playing poker 5 card game you bet by clicking on one of the four boxes below where your cards will be dealt to you. Your minimum bet is of one dollar and if you start the game with two hundred dollars then that becomes your maximum bet until you increase your account by winning.

You have to place your bet before viewing the cards that you are going to receive. The bet you place is subtracted form your account when you get your cards and you can change your bet amount with every new hand, if you want to. Once the betting is over, you press the Draw button with your mouse and the five cards appear before you. You can now choose whether to keep the cards or discard them. You can choose to discard any number of cards from the five of them and the discarded card is replaced by a new card and the new set of cards becomes your final hand. In poker 5 cards online any single pair less than Jack is a losing hand. The websites give clear instructions about the game and the tips to win the games.