Full Tilt Rush Poker Mobile

The Full Tilt Poker Rush Mobile application has been given an overhaul. The app is currently still only available as on iOS application and Tilt themselves have stated that this is a temporary thing, as is the fact that it is built using HTML 5 and as soon as a native app can be designed then this will be replaced. The new and improved app will be available for both Android and iOS however it is said to be still a few months away from release. With the significant rise of Mobile Poker recently we can assume the ongoing development of the app is of pretty high importance at Full Tilt HQ and as Rush Poker is perfectly suited to the mobile game then they already have some advantage over the competition. The temporary fix is somewhat reminiscent of the old Android app which is now unavailable.

Rush Poker on the Go

Rush poker at Tilt is the super fast fold version allowing players to be involved in many more hands per hour than they would normally be. It's been copied by plenty of rooms, but as with many other online poker innovations, Tilt were there first. This means that it's a no nonsense, 'I'm out, next please' type of game that's perfectly suited to poker on the go. There's no waiting around for other players to make up their minds and as you fold you hand you are whisked away to play another. Signing up to the new app is simple and straight forward and it's always best to do this with direction directly from the website. If you are an existing player then you may of course login with your current player log in details. It's hoped that Tilt will be launching a new final mobile poker app very soon that offers plenty more action and is functional across both iOS and Android, it's in the pipeline but it's worth playing this version while you wait.