How to Get Lucky

Poker… whether you are a professional, a beginner or just playing for fun you always want one thing and that is to win, you may need to know a few tricks and techniques aside from knowing the exact game mechanics itself. Then after a few wins and a batch of looses you tend to look for more ways on how you can win more how about some tips for yourself so you can have a good mood and start to feel good in your playing.

Don't fear your mistakes - do not be afraid of making mistakes. If you don't make mistakes you will never learn. So what if you have lost much more that you have won use this experience so you'll know what to do for the next time you will play.

Don't forget to have fun - it is the most important, money is just a tool to keep you in the game don't let it empower you. If you are not having fun while playing then you must stop playing because you are playing for the wrong reason.

Challenge the professionals - keep looking below surface appearances. Don't shrink from doing so just because you might not like what you find, professional poker players have more money so just keep in mind that being able to beat them you'll have not just a lot of money but a good player reputation as well. Pay attention to the details - if you are going to achieve excellence in big things, you develop the habit in little matters. Excellence is not an exception it is a prevailing attitude.

Be patient - poker is all about patience if you will not develop this skill you will just end up having a short career in poker.

Focus - putting your head in the game is very important; you should be able to concentrate on the playing to win.

If this still this will not work for you here are some scientific proofs on how to get lucky, that you can make your own breaks. So you could start being lucky in life so you could apply it in playing poker and be lucky. Live a charmed life - seizing chance opportunities; creating self - fulfilling prophecies through positive expectations; and adopting a resilient attitude that turns bad luck around.

Open your mind - consider chance opportunities: Lucky people regularly have them; unlucky people don't.

Relish the upside - another important principle revolved around the way in which lucky and unlucky people deal with misfortune. Learn to be lucky - break routines of and deal with bad luck see other opportunities be optimistic and see the best in the worst cases.

Remember that it all varies in your playing style don't use the same style as much as possible because your opponents study and remember your style especially if you win most of the time, other players sometimes even try to loose on purpose just to know your move.

"You don't know what you can get away with until you try"

So keep on playing poker as long as you are having fun!