The IGT Poker Network is no longer open for business. All rooms on the network are now with another provider and players have been migrated.

The IGT Poker Network was formerly known as the Entraction Network before they were bought out in early 2012. They rebranded themselves, but are still owned by the Entraction Holding AB. They are headquartered in Sweden, and are licensed and regulated through the Malta Lottery and Gaming Authority. They have had erratic player traffic counts ever since the move, but they remain at a good level. The poker network has remained a non-US friendly network, catering to countries in Europe, as well as others around the world. However, with recent news of a change in Nevada gambling law, they are hoping to tap into the potential market in the US.

IGT Poker Software

The IGT’s software developer happens to be the same parent company, Entraction Holding AB. The software that they developed has many features that make it great for any player to use. They have a downloadable version of their software, which is available for players that use the Windows and Apple operating systems; it is even compatible for players using the Linux operating system. The software is clean cut, meaning it has a user-friendly layout. The lobby is easy to navigate and even easier to sort, so that players can find the table that they want. Once at a table, players will experience streamlined gameplay, allowing for fast play. For those members that do not want to download the software can use the browser poker client; it allows members to play poker through their browser without having to install anything. Whether playing online or using the installed software, the graphics are high quality, with many animations to make the gameplay more real and immersive. The software has a top of the line shuffling system, which is a certified random number generator. For those international members, the software comes with 18 different languages.

IGT Poker Network Traffic and Websites

As stated before, the IGT Gaming Network used to be called the Entraction Network. Ever since they were rebranded, they have been experiencing fluctuating traffic. This usually happens due to play turnover, where players join to see what improvements have been made. It can also be accounted for the timing, where traffic is low during weekdays and high on the weekends. They usually get an average of 1,300 real money game players. This could account for anywhere between 7,000 and 10,000 daily players. They have their work cut out for them ever since the buy-out, but they are improving their systems which should get them noticed by more people.

They currently have 55 different online poker sites that are affiliated; it is a good amount for a network to have. They do have two online poker rooms that are the most popular amongst the rest; these are Redbet Poker and NoIQ Poker. Both of these sites are fit for their international players, providing the content in different languages. Redbet Poker is setup so that new players get the info they need, while at the same they let current players know about upcoming events, such as tournaments. NoIQ Poker has a more stylish layout, keeping content to a minimum.

IGT Poker Network Games

The IGT Gaming Network is proud of its varied selection of poker games. They enjoy offering games that are popular, as well as games that may not be as common but equally as enjoyable. They have Texas Hold’em and Omaha, along with its variations like Hi/Lo. Some other games that are popular but not as much would be 7 Card Stud, 5 Card Stud, and 32 Card Draw. The uncommon poker games that are available are Soko, 2-7-3 Draw, Telesina, and Americana. They have this wide selection so that players with different tastes can find what they are looking for in a single location.