The iPoker Network is actually a very large network, managing over 30 different online poker rooms – although there have been news of the network splitting up, with some of the biggest brands making their own network per se. The network is owned and run by Playtech; which incidentally is also the software developer for the iPoker Network. The software that the poker rooms use is highly acclaimed. Both the network traffic and the ratings are pretty high compared to other networks out there, but they still have a lot of room to continue growing. Sadly, the iPoker Network is not a US friendly network, keeping its main business in Europe and Canada. There are a few disadvantages for playing in the iPoker Network, but the benefits certainly overshadow these.

iPoker Software

The iPoker software package that the network uses is developed by Playtech, whom has a long track record of creating games for online gambling sites, including poker and online casinos. Network members that want to play poker need to download the software that is provided; it is free and easy to install and use. The overall layout of the software is organized and well planned. It is relatively light software, which means it runs smoother on older computers; great for the older crowd that does not want or need to upgrade their system in order to play. The layout is simple for most players to use, making it easy to find and join the table they want to play at. The software isn’t all about taking the graphics to the extreme, which makes the game run smooth and is not as cluttered as others.

Keeping the software light helps keep the amount of glitches and bugs to a minimum, as well as being able to modify it easily when updating or changing a feature. Their software, with most of the websites, is both PC and Mac compatible. It is also compatible with the Poker Tracker 3 and the Holdem Manager.

iPoker Websites

The iPoker Network houses many different online poker rooms; more than 30. The most popular poker sites that iPoker has would be Bet365 Poker, Titan Poker, and CelebPoker; there is also William Hill Poker, but it is better known for being a sports/racebook. Most of the websites that are part of the network have a certain characteristic that is similar; they all give off a laid back but professional look. Some of the sites are cluttered with a lot of information, but it doesn’t take away from its easy navigation. The overall traffic that goes through the network, and websites, is roughly about an average of 1,300 players in the real money games. However, the daily player count is usually anywhere between 17,000 and 20,000 players.

These poker websites all feature similar and different styles of poker games. Most, if not all, offer Texas Hold’em and Omaha, seeing as these two are the most played poker games around the world. There are other games that may appear on one site but not another such as 5 Card Draw, 7 Card Stud, Omaha Hi/Lo, and 7 Card Stud Hi/Lo. By focusing on the popular games, they can offer more incentives, rather than spreading their efforts and resources over many games.

iPoker Network Pros vs. Cons

Just like anything, there are always pros and cons, and what to do with that information is up to the player. Some pros and cons with the software is that the software is compatible with most systems, but depending on the website, the software may not be compatible with the Mac’s. Not everyone enjoys playing on this software since the size of the tables and window cannot be modified; however, the software runs smoothly, has no problems and is very user-friendly.

The network itself has its ups and downs. Traffic is steady, although there is about a 2 year player turnover rate. Some of the websites are not solely for playing poker, which could detract from keeping the quality of the gameplay high, but it also means that there is a more diverse market of players, making it more attractive. Either way, the iPoker Network is a perfect place to start if you live outside the US.