Ladbrokes Mobile Poker

Ladbrokes are a giant of both the online and offline gaming industry. This well known and respected UK company has been at the forefront of the industry for many years, so it should come as no surprise at all that they offer a Mobile Poker application. This app will function on Android and iOS, meaning that most devices are suitable, as long as they have both Adobe and Air installed. Ladbrokes were in fact a little behind the competition with releasing their app, and it eventually hit the market in 2012, however it is well designed and functional, with some very nice features. It does have limitations just like every other mobile poker application but it is greta for the casual online poker player to get some action while on the go.

Ladbrokes Poker App Features

The Ladbrokes mobile poker app is easily and quickly installed and you'll find all the details on the site. The first thing that you will notice is that you may play using your existing account details and the funds are shared across both accounts, however at the moment you will not be able to make financial transactions on the app and all deposits and withdrawal requests must be made on the website via the cashier there. Once in the app you will have the choice of playing fun money or real money and if you are a new Ladbrokes member you'll get the welcome bonus when depositing for the first time. The offering at the tables, as with all mobile poker apps is limited and you'll only find Texas Hold'em games on offer, so for Stud, Omaha and other variations then players must use the regular client. One great feature of this app is the graphics, and easy to read cards, and this is hugely important in mobile poker. It may be worth playing on the fun money tables for a while to get used to the buttons and the table display so as to not makes mistakes when using real money. The action buttons are large and easy to read and on the right hand side you'll see betting buttons such as min, 1/4 pot, 1/2 pot, pot and all in, which also helps. It's not a bad app, and will surely be popular with recreational players.

Ladbrokes Mobile Poker Limitations

There are a few issues, as will all mobile poker apps and the first one is that no financial transactions may be made, which is surprising as many companies that provide mobile poker apps do have this functionality available. The only game you can play is Texas Hold'em and there are no tournaments, sit and go's or indeed multi-tabling on offer, which for the more serious player is a big issue. There is no doubt that Ladbrokes will be working on these issues and what we are left with is a functional mobile poker application that will satisfy the needs of the recreational Texas Hold'em player.