Marcus Harmon

Marcus Harmon is firstly and fore mostly a poker fanatic, online, offline, just about any time of day or night he will either be playing the great game or doing his job of writing about it. He doesn't claim to be the best player in the world, but when it comes to writing about the game he can claim to be up there with the best. His first article was written many moons ago and to this day he is pounding out the paragraphs bringing news of the game to a wide audience. His main focus is on bringing attention to all poker fans around the world regarding poker news, legislation and of course, where to play the game you love. With so many places to play out there, Marcus enjoys doing the hard work of researching these guys for the players, giving candid reviews and an honest poker players opinion of each one.


As with everything in life, experience counts for a great deal and when it comes to poker you wont find a much more experienced writer and all round poker guy. Marcus has worked for some of the biggest operators in the world and helped build smaller rooms and networks into the giants they are today. He moved into writing around 8 years ago and to this day his opinion and thoughts on the game are respected by the poker world. It's hard to get respect in the poker world, but with hard work and honesty Marcus has done just that.