Panel Looking at Online Gambling in Florida

Legal Online Gambling in Florida?

For all intents and purposes the legalization of online gambling at a Federal level is, for the time being at least, dead in the water. It appears, and perhaps rightly so, that there are far more important issues to deal with first. Therefore as we have probably all read about, it has come down to each state to decide which path they wish to take. Many states such as Nevada have embraced this and gone full steam ahead with plans to legalize and implement legal online gambling and other such as New Jersey are attempting to go that first step and get it signed int o law. There is a great deal of anticipation as to what will happen next, where operators fit into the picture, will interstate gambling be allowed and much more. Florida is one state that has rapidly expanded in recent years where gambling is concerned and now they are considering the implications of a change in law allowing internet gambling. The end of February sees an expert panel discuss "Internet Gaming in the US" and among the topics to be covered is Destination Florida. Speakers on the panel include Leo DiBenigno, Managing Partner, Corvara Consulting LLC and former Secretary of the Florida Lottery, Laurie Itkin, Founder, Rouge Government & Public Affairs, Robert Smith, Chairman Pala Band of Luiseno Indians; Chairman CA Tribal Business Alliance and Jennifer Webb, Regulatory and Legislative Manager, Americas, Gambling Compliance. This will be an in depth look and discussion on many areas in the world of gambling and it's great to see that online gambling is playing such a big part in the 8th Florida Gaming Congress which is to be held February 25-26 2013, at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood. Other topics of discussion will be The View from Wall Street, The Future of Racetrack Gaming and Gaming and Public Policy. The gambling industry in Florida generates some $3 Billion annually which is no small number. Maybe this event which is a must attend for all involved in gaming in Florida could pave the way for that figure to be added to by the legalization of online gambling.