Bitcoin is changing the way so many real money poker and casino games players get their fill of the fun, and there's no doubt that BTC is the future of US online gaming thanks to the safety, security, speed and sheer convenience of the world's most popular cryptocurrency. Players are dumping the credit and debit cards in droves to take up what is a game changing banking option, one that cuts out all middlemen and third parties and that allows you to financially interact directly with your chosen place to play. Whether you hit the virtual felt in a great US poker room or prefer to spin the reels or flip the cards in a cool online casino, Bitcoin allows you to do that so easily and many Bitcoin users choose the excellent Cubits wallet to make their deposits, send their winnings to and use as a safe place to store their Bitcoin.

Cubits has been a trusted BTC wallet since 2014 and it's now used by so many poker and casino players when depositing and withdrawing to and from their poker room or casino. Providing a great user interface, intuitive design and great support, Cubits has made a name for itself early doors in what is a new online gaming banking environment and that places it in a great position as we move forward towards a more Bitcoin friendly world. Opening your new Cubits wallet is so simple with just your basic details required and once that's done, sending fiat currency, exchanging it for BTC and then using that BTC in your place to play is all easily and safely done.

Getting Going With Cubits Bitcoin Wallet

Directly from the Cubits homepage you'll see you can quickly and easily open your wallet. You'll need only provide your name, email address and then to verify your phone number for security purposes and second factor authorization. You may then choose the USD option for funding your new wallet and make your fiat currency deposit, with switching that USD to Bitcoin then taking just a few clicks. Once your USD has been magically turned into BTC you may then deposit into the cashier of your place to play, cutting out all middlemen and allowing you to enjoy real money gaming with no chance of a declined deposit message. You'll always get a great bonus when using Bitcoin as you make your deposits, however the real bonus is that you're up and running with Bitcoin and can now access real money gaming, as and when you wish.

Depositing With Cubits

You'll find that making your deposits from your Cubits account to your poker room or casino is so simple, and the first thing you'll need to do is be logged in and head to the cashier. You'll see the BTC option in the cashier and when clicking that you'll be asked to provide the amount you wish to send. You'll then need to send that amount to the address provided and within a flash your account is funded, and whatever valid bonus is available is also your to take, and as awesome as these instant deposits and Bitcoin bonuses are, it's when cashing out that the real difference is noticed.

Safe, Fast Cubits Poker and Casino Payouts

Cubits Bitcoin payouts are processed so much faster than other options and you'll find that your Bitcoin gets back to your Cubits wallet very often the same day that you made your payout request. There's no waiting for a bank wire or cheque when using this stellar option and as no third parties are used you'll see that much more streamlined processes are in place, and that's music to the ears of those who have, in the past, had difficulty when using credit or debit cards. Bitcoin is, in so many peoples eyes, the future of online casino and poker gaming, allowing players the freedom to deposit, play, win and withdraw as and when they want, and Cubits is leading the way in bringing these changes along.