Pennsylvania Proposes Online Gambling Bill

Whilst all eyes are on New Jersey as Gov Chris Christie ponders the future of online gambling in the Garden State, Pennsylvania has stepped up with thoughts of getting its very own bill put through the system. Let's not forget that the state of Pennsylvania for the first ever time last month, came in second place after Nevada when it came to gambling destinations within the United States. Typically this has always been New Jersey, but with the rise of modern purpose built casinos in the state of Pennsylvania it appears to be taking its gambling revenue seriously and going online is the next step in that. The casinos in Pennsylvania are all built close to major cities and this is one of the reasons that they have become so popular, simply making it easy for residents to get to them. Tina Davis a Pennsylvania State rep stated that, "A responsible Internet gaming system must be created in order to protect Pennsylvanians and the success of the established gaming industry in the Commonwealth, which has generated more than $7 billion in state tax revenue, and created more than 16,000 jobs statewide." This is music to the ears of many residents of the fine state as Pennsylvania seems to be clearly embracing online gambling rather than giving it the rejection it has faced both at a Federal and state level in recent years. Governor Christie has only a few days left to sign or veto the bill in New Jersey and should he do neither then the bill will automatically be passed, however while he is pondering his decision it's not only Pennsylvania that has taken up the reigns as Iowa, Mississippi, Massachusetts and more recently Hawaii have expressed serious interest in online gambling and the potential for tax revenue that it has.