Pennsylvania Still Thinking About Online Gaming

The Pennsylvania Online Gaming Bill

The state of Pennsylvania recently solidified its position as the number two gambling destination in the US by beating New Jersey, and we don't need to tell you who tops the list. Could the recent bill to legalize online poker and other casino games push Pennsylvania gambling revenue streams even higher? For all intents and purposes the answer is a clear yes. The current batch of Pennsylvania gaming operators are expected to oversee things regarding the online integration reporting to Representative Tine Davis. The bill would mean that casino operators in the state would be required to pay $16.5 million for an online gaming license, a reasonable tax rate would be imposed and fees and taxes would be managed by the State Lottery Fund and the Property Tax Relief Fund. With the failure of the Federal bill in 2012 it's now down to individual states to decide on the issue of online gambling and many have embraced this option so far with California, Nevada, Iowa, Delaware and New Jersey making the initial moves. Davis states that Pennsylvania will not be left behind, "Considering the nationwide effort to legalize internet gaming, it is imperative that we maintain the integrity of our gaming industry amid inevitable Federal preemption and competing states, as well as possible expansion of internet games through the privatization of our own state lottery." The increased revenue is of course a major factor in pushing the bill through and Davis, like Reps from many states is stressing the importance of not being left behind in what will eventually happen. Looks like another busy few months regarding the legalization issues, with the deal on the Atlantic Club Casino and PokerStars on the cards, Gov Christie due to sign the amended New Jersey bill and now Pennsylvania moving forward.