Phil Ivey Launches Ivey Poker App on Facebook

When it comes to learning how to play poker from the pros, it would be hard to beat a few lessons from the man who many rate as the best all round player in the world, Mr Phil Ivey. His recently launched project is a new app that's available on Facebook, Android Google Play and iOS and offers players the chance to go up against the pros, and a lot more. The app is aimed at those both looking to have fun, as well as learn how to better their game and there's chances to upgrade your account for just a few cents that allows you to play in high stakes games with more pros and bigger action. As you can imagine, there were plenty of pro players from around the world that jumped at the chance to become involved with Ivey in this project and the list is very long with some notable names on it.

At present the app only offers Texas Holdem but more game variations will be added soon, however what stands out, for new players especially are the great videos that are available with lessons from the pros, and more will be added as the app moves along. The videos offer the basics for free and then other videos are available for purchase from within the app, it's a little like a social media game that by paying a small amount you get to unlock other things. There's also a great little feature called Pro's in the Building which allows players to see which players are playing, and where and players may join the pro at a table, or sit back and watch the action. It's a slick move from Ivey who in one swoop introduces himself to a potentially whole new audience of players, in that sure, players and fans of the game know who he is, but this app is probably not going to be used by many experienced guys. However, this whole new set of players, will at least be learning from one of the best the world has ever seen.