Pineapple Poker

Pineapple is a varied way of playing Texas Hold'em. Many players describe it as a very entertaining twist on an already fun game. Pineapple is a new style of poker, and since it is a slight variation of Texas Hold'em, it has not gotten to the popularity that Hold'em has. There are very few online poker rooms, and even land-based casinos that offer pineapple poker. There is also another variation of pineapple poker called Crazy Pineapple and has another slight difference that makes it equally as exciting to play. This is the perfect game for those players that enjoy Texas Hold'em and want to try a slightly different version of it.

Pineapple Poker History

The history behind this Texas Hold'em variant is not very well-known; neither is the information regarding the person or people that came up with this game. It started appearing in Las Vegas, in several casinos, but it did not really take off the ground as much as other poker variants. What is known is the fact that it is a pretty new game, which could be the reason that it is not as mainstream and popular. In addition, there has never been a Pineapple event during any of the major poker tournaments, such as the WSOP.

How to Play Pineapple Poker

Pineapple poker is a variant of the popular Texas Hold'em, although it has a twist that makes it more exciting. The way pineapple is played is just like any other community poker game, where the dealer hands the players a set amount of cards and then deals the rest in front of them; using the cards in their hands, and the community cards, they can build the best five-card hand.

In pineapple, the dealer gives each player three cards, instead of the regular two cards that are dealt in Hold'em. Players look at all three cards, and before the first round of betting starts, they have to pick two of the cards and discard the third one. This variation gives players a slightly higher chance of getting two playable cards. After the discarding step is when the pre-flop betting round starts, where the big blind starts and the rest follow. Once betting has stopped, the dealer then reveals three cards, which is called the flop. Another round of betting occurs, where the fourth card is dealt; the turn card. After the next round of betting, the last card is dealt; the river card. Once all five community cards are dealt, the players that are still in-play will have one final round of betting to determine the winner. If there is more than one player still in, then those players would have a showdown where they reveal their cards to see who the winner is.

Rules for Pineapple Poker

The rules for pineapple poker are the same for Texas Hold'em. Each player has to make a five-card hand, whether they use their own cards and/or the community cards. There are many ranks when it comes to pineapple hold'em. Ranks from lowest to highest in regards to pineapple/hold'em, are as follows:

High Card Where there is no combinations at all, and the players use the highest card in their hand to determine who is the winner.

One Pair Two cards of the same rank, such as two Kings.

Two Pair Two cards of the same rank, along with another two cards of the same rank.

Three of a Kind Three cards of the same rank, like three Ten's.

Straight It is also known as a Run. It is where the player's five cards are in sequential rank, such as Five through Nine. They do not have to be of the same suit.

Flush It is five cards of the same suit. They do not need to be in sequential order for it to be a flush.

Full House When there is a three-of-a-kind and a pair. If the player's hand is three Jacks and a pair of Five's, it would be called "Jacks over Five's".

Four of a Kind It is where there are four cards of the same rank and is also referred to as Quads. If the player has four Eight's, it would be called "Quad Eight's".

Straight Flush It is a straight comprised of just one suit, like a Six through Ten straight of Clubs.

Royal Flush It is the hardest combinations to achieve in poker. It is comprised of a single suit, where the straight is referred to as Ace-High; Ten through Ace. The suits also have rankings, so in the end a Spade's Royal Flush is the highest ranked hand in Pineapple/Hold'em.