Rush Poker

Full Tilt Poker’s Rush Poker is the hottest new online gambling game to come along in years. It has all the action of traditional poker, transformed by the fast-paced action that only the Internet can provide.

What is Rush Poker?

Rush Poker is may be the ultimate expression of the game. A hundred years ago, poker was a game played with a few other players arrayed about a round table. Cards were dealt and evaluated. Some players would fold, others would bet that their hands were up to the test, wagering them against the other unknown hands held by other players.

By its nature, poker is a pretty exciting game that can get the juices flowing. It is not particularly slow paced, but there is wait time between hands, especially if you are the one who folded early on – that became the traditional time to make refrigerator runs or to re-stock the chips and salsa.

Rush Poker redefines the game in that as soon as you fold or your hand is otherwise out of play, you are electronically switched to another table playing against a set of new players, also starting out. In every hand of Rush Poker you will find yourself in a different position at a new table and playing with a whole new set of opponents.

The way this works is that when you log into a poker room, you are placed in a queue of players all of whom are playing for the same stakes and by the same rules. Once play starts, the action is literally non-stop. There is nothing slow-paced about Rush Poker.

Playing Rush Poker on the Go

The latest development in this fantastic game is that it is available for some smart phones. The first phone platform that it is available for is the Android operating system. That means that if you have an Android phone, you can take Rush poker with you anywhere! If you are in a location where you get Internet service on your Android, you have immediate, unlimited access to hot gambling action. This is truly the future of online gaming, but it is available now.

Play Rush Poker on the Go Now

With good games we normally encourage you to make time for it in the evening gaming time, but with Rush Poker there is no reason to wait at all! Get your Android set up and register at Full Tilt Poker now, and give Rush Poker a try – this is a fantastic, exciting game that you will literally not want to put down!