HORSE is a highly skilled and rotational game of poker, where players play Hold 'em, Omaha, Razz, Seven Card Stud and Eight or Better which is sometimes called Hi-Lo. The game begins with Hold 'em and will rotate when the dealer button is passed, blinds increase or after a set amount of time.

Why Play HORSE

Playing HORSE is an excellent and challenging game which relies on skill rather than luck. Professional players have an understanding of all the five games of poker and are therefore able to quickly eliminate amateurs who are only proficient in a couple of the games.

The five poker variants that make up HORSE can be broken down into the following:

Hold 'em - Community card game, where basically the best five cards will win Omaha - Players must use of two cards from their hand and three community cards to form the best hand Razz - Lowest run of five cards wins Seven Card Stud - players are dealt seven cards and must select the five cards from their hand to win Eight or Better - played the same as seven card stud, but the pot is split between the player with the highest hand and the player with the lowest hand.

Each one of the games requires a certain amount of skill and should be played to the best ability. If you are unsure about any of the games, read up on how to play the different poker games.

How to play HORSE

It possible to do well in a game of HORSE if you are good at a couple of poker styles, for instance if you can play Hold 'em well then you must attempt to win big during this round in order to compensate for some of the other rounds. Being good in only one variant of poker is not going to be enough to win a game of HORSE and therefore the best strategy for winning at HORSE is to be good in all the poker styles, and to practise single games in these other styles before embarking on a game of HORSE.

Where to Play HORSE

HORSE has increased over the years in popularity and is now widely available. Players will often find a local land based casino that features games or HORSE, or it can be played in many of the online casinos. HORSE has even earned itself a place at the World Series of Poker where some of the top names in Poker compete to win at showcase their skills. One of the best online casinos to play HORSE is Bodog Casino.