Playing Online Poker in Alabama

Playing Poker in Alabama

The state of Alabama may not automatically jump into your head when you are thinking of great gambling destinations and probably rightly so. It does however have a reasonable stance on gambling when it comes to the law, and no eyebrows should be raised at this, when you take into consideration that the river Mississippi runs through it and played host to the world famous river boat casinos playing a huge part in the legalization of organized gambling in the United States. There are of course some laws that you should be aware of, but as long as you play by them, a game of poker can be yours in Alabama. Also, as you will read, although Alabama has taken a look at online poker, it's still considered to be within the laws and many residents play regularly at such rooms as Americas Cardroom.

Playing Poker at Home in Alabama

There are laws regarding playing a game of poker at home in Alabama but these as in many states, are in place to prevent organized crime and not to stop the ordinary citizen from enjoying a peaceful social evening with friends and family. The law focuses on professional gambling which basically means that games in which you are not taking rake or charging a fee are perfectly fine. However, make sure you do the right things by not inviting anyone under the age of 18 and by playing your game behind closed doors. Follow those simple things and you will be just fine.

Playing Online Poker in Alabama

Alabama has at various times attempted to introduce laws to restrict online gambling in all forms, but has never succeeded, and therefore there is no mention of online gambling in the penal code. Of course, it is totally illegal to run and operate an online poker room from your home, or from anywhere else in the state for that matter, but as long as you are not doing this then you should be fine. There is still no federal law against online poker and with no mention at state level then thousands of residents of Alabama log on each night and enjoy their game online. There are many sites that welcome players from Alabama and these include Betonline Poker, Full Flush Poker and Americas Cardroom.

Playing in Casinos in Alabama

Alabama to put it bluntly has no, what you would call real casinos. It offers state run lottery and you can place at wager on the greyhounds but that's about as far as it goes. The greyhound tracks offer slots and bingo, but no table games and poker is 100% out of the question. The bottom line is that if you want a game of poker, then its at home with your friends, or simply jump online.