Playing Online Poker in Arizona

Playing Poker In Arizona

The state of Arizona is a pretty friendly place to be for the poker player, be it enjoying a game with your friends at home, heading to the casino or indeed playing online. There are some laws in place which are pretty easy for everyone to understand and as long as you abide by them then there is nothing that states you can't have a game of poker. Many residents of Arizona play their game online at places like Americas Cardroom and there is no mention of this being against any laws at all. Take a read of below and see the deal when it comes tp playing poker in Arizona.

Playing Poker at Home in Arizona

This area has been addressed and there are areas of the Penal Code which make it clear what is and what is not acceptable. Section 13-3301 of the Penal Code states that 'social' games are acceptable meaning that, "No player receives, or becomes entitled to receive, any benefit, directly or indirectly, other than the players winnings from the gamble". It goes on to state, "No other person receives or becomes entitled to receive any benefit, directly or indirectly, from the gambling activity, including benefits of proprietorship, management or unequal advantage or odds in a series of gambles". Basically as long as your home game is 'social' and you are not profiting by charging a fee or collecting rake and you have ensured that everyone playing in the game is over the age of 21 then you will be fine.

Playing Online Poker in Arizona

There is absolutely no mention of playing online poker at all in the Penal Code therefore the rules relating to playing at home could be used as a guideline. If you are not making a profit from the game other than the money you may make playing, then it can be classed as a social game and therefore OK to play. Without a federal law in place, and no mention in the Arizona Penal Code then we have to assume that it is a very low risk activity. Residents of Arizona may wish to check out Betonline Poker, Full Flush or Carbon Poker as online options.

Playing in the Casinos of Arizona

Native American tribes may legally own and operate casinos in Arizona and may offer poker games to the general public, in fact the Casino Arizona has 46 poker tables. Most popular games are played and it is all above board, regulated and totally legal.