Playing Online Poker in Nevada

The laws regarding online poker in the state of Nevada have recently changed. New laws passed that allow intrastate poker to be played meaning that the state itself is now regulating online poker and all residents are free to play online. New laws have seen many online poker companies apply for a license to operate in the state of Nevada, and as of right now there is one online poker site up and running. Ultimate Poker dealt its first hand in April 2013 and that history making hand was the first that was regulated by any state in the US, and there's more information on that below. Offline, you'll find that there's plenty of poker action to be had in the famous casinos of Las Vegas and poker players from around the world flock to sin city to hit the tables and enjoy the general casino entertainment that's to be found there.

Home Games in Nevada

Home games are fine to play in Nevada, as like many states, so long as you are not making a profit from the game by either charging a fee or raking the pot. The word 'residence' comes into the penal code so from this we must take it that, behind closed doors in the privacy of your own home is fine, just don't go starting a cash game in a bar.

Playing Online Poker in Nevada

As we have mentioned, the laws regarding playing online poker have recently changed and now we are starting to see regulated online poker in the state. Nevada quickly realized that online gambling in general could be a big threat to one if its biggest money earners, so it was a case of if you can't beat them, you may as well join them. As yet only online poker is regulated and there is one site up and running, Ultimate Poker. Ultimate Poker has a basic offering however with such a small population and no interstate online poker allowed you'll find limited game choice and stake levels. You will need to be a resident of Nevada to play at the site and also be physically located in the state and be able to supply enough documentation to prove all of this. Until there are compacts made with other states and liquidity is given a boost it's a case of ticking over for Ultimate Poker and those players outside of Nevada are still free to play at offshore poker sites that cater for them well.Betonline Poker, Black Chip and Americas Cardroom along with other online poker rooms cater for residents of Nevada.

Playing Poker in Nevadas Casinos

It's the home of Vegas, need we say more? Some of the biggest and best poker action is to be found at the tables in many of the Las Vegas casinos. Because of the incredible infrastructure they are able to maintain thousands of tables at any given time. They are well regulated, they are run by well trained staff and everything runs like clockwork.