Poker Bonuses

With the amount of online poker sites on the rise, there has been an equal increase in the amount of competition between them. There are a few ways that these poker sites compete; their marketing scheme, quality of the game, and how they treat their members. The main type that brings in and retains their member base is how they treat them. This is why they have bonuses and rewards programs set up to entice them to join, as well as stay. These poker bonuses have been one of the main reasons behind the success of many of the online poker sites. Some people may not know what these bonuses and rewards entail, or where they could find them.

Poker Bonuses and Rewards

Poker bonuses can come in various types and genres, the poker website itself will determine which they think will benefit the players the most. Most, if not all, sites offer the introductory type bonuses; the most common is the Welcome Bonus or also known as the initial deposit bonus. The welcome bonus is just as it sounds; it is a bonus for the new players that sign up at a certain site and make their initial deposit. The other types of poker bonuses include, but are not limited to, Weekly, Monthly, Seasonal, and Permanent bonuses. Weekly bonuses change each week, depending on what the sites preference becomes. Monthly is like the weekly bonus, but it lasts longer; thus it may have better options or bigger prizes. The seasonal bonuses depend entirely on what is going on in the world of poker or what the website has set up. These may include bonuses in order to promote a big tournament that is coming up; the bonus may be a free entry to the tournament itself. Permanent bonuses work differently, since they never change, they are more likely to be broader; such as bonuses for depositing. Most of the bonuses mentioned are usually given out as free playable cash. For instance, with the welcome bonus, when the new player deposits money the poker site will match them a certain percentage and give them that money to play with.

Rewards work a little differently than the bonuses. Bonuses are determined by certain rules, while rewards are determined by time and money spent. A good example of a rewards program is the VIP program. They award players in the program certain amount of points for playing a certain amount of time or betting a certain amount each hand. The players can then trade these points in for cash, in some instances entry into big tournaments, and other prizes. The bonuses and rewards are put in place for the benefit of the players. A way the poker site has of showing their appreciation towards their members.

Poker Sites

As mentioned before, the types of bonuses and rewards offered depend on which site a person wishes to join. It is always important to shop around and check out the various options that are out there. The player needs to determine, before they do anything else, on what type of website they can access. There are some poker sites that welcome US players, while others do not. Some sites that cater to US players include BetOnline, Bovada Poker, Carbon Poker, and PDC Poker. These are all top quality sites, each offering different styles. If the player lives outside of the US, they can choose to use the US friendly sites or they can pick others. Some of the non US sites are Bodog Poker, Gear Poker, and Odds Poker. The reason there exists these two types of sites is that the US has certain rules about gambling, and thus some sites adhere to these and others do not. These rules are set up to benefit the players, so do not get discouraged by the word.

After picking where a player can join, they can start to look around and compare what types of software and bonuses, among other qualities, these sites have. It is made even easier as there are reviews on the many poker sites available right here on Sunshine Poker. The reviews can help narrow down the possibilities. In the end, the choice is the players and there can be no wrong choice when it comes to finding what they prefer.