Poker Chips Beginners Guide

Poker games are quite popular among people of all ages and positions. People love to play poker because it's quite easy and profitable. People who wish to play poker should understand its rules and regulations. Rules in poker are easy to understand but difficult to implement. Poker although is an easy game, competition and techniques make it tough. Money plays an important role in poker.

Players play with temporary money called chips. These chips will be used in place of money. Too much money on the table can look awkward. In order to stop that awkwardness poker chips were introduced in the past. Poker chips are hard form of money, but not actually money. A player should invest his money and get poker chips in exchange. Poker chips look fashionable and modern. Some basic amounts are specified for poker chips. $1 is specified for white chip, while the yellow is specified to be $2. Different colors and their prices are as follows: $5-red, $10-blue, $20-gray etc. Higher denominations are given for green (25), orange (50), black (100), pink (250) and purple (500).

When players engage in playing games they keep increasing bets. Players put chips in place of money to raise these bets. In the final round player who got the highest rank card will be offered whole pot containing these chips. These chips can later be converted into money and taken home by the player. These poker chips are made of plastic and ceramic. Most of these chips are sold along with poker table in round or octagonal shapes. These chips are generally shuffled by poker players. Some of the beginners see professional players and get overawed by shuffling of these chips. Brandishing of chips, folding the chips and putting all in are techniques used by smart players to bluff opponents.