Poker Stars Mobile Poker

With the huge rise in mobile gaming, PokerStars, the largest online poker site in the world was not about to be left behind. Although Mobile Poker has not taken off as quickly as mobile casino simply due to the game play differences it has now started to catch up and PokerStars is leading the charge. The design of this application means that it is suitable for almost any smartphone or mobile device including, iPhone, iPad, Mini iPad along with all Android powered devices. Should you want poker on the go then this is the perfect solution and the free app is easy to install and you are up and running in a matter of a few minutes.

PokerStars Mobile Features

You'll find that once you have installed the application Stars have taken the time to design a very user friendly lobby allowing you to find the game of your choice very easily. The app runs perfectly alongside the main PokerStars client meaning that you get to take advantage of the huge player pool that will be playing there, and there are plenty of games available. You may indulge in real money tournaments, sit and go's cash games and the super fast Zoom Poker meaning that you really do get the full works. Grinders who love to multi-table all day long will find that it is so easy to switch tables and there's also the use of the find a friend feature. Security has always been of paramount importance at PokerStars and you'll find no difference when playing mobile poker on the Stars app. There are of course a few differences and limitations, but none of these can take away the fact that this is a remarkable offering.

PokerStars Mobile Limitations

As mentioned, you may multi-table, however only at 4 tables at any given time and even though this is limiting for the serious players, we doubt whether those type of players would consider multi-tabling whilst mobile anyway, meaning that four tables is plenty for most. When it comes to money management you'll find that there are very limited options, and only on Android will you be able to deposit, and that will be via a mobile cashier that has limited features. Using any iOS you will not be able to deposit and withdraw funds. It's advisable for all players to use the cashier in the regular download client and this should not cause problems for many players. If you are playing on your smartphone and you get a call....bad luck, you'll be disconnected from Stars and you also have no ability to change personal settings on the app, however that is no big problem. Despite the small limitations PokerStars have delivered a very good mobile poker application and it will only get better. The small things that you are not allowed to do, in no way take anything away from the fact that this app allows you to play plenty of poker on the go, and for deposits, it takes a few seconds on the client when on your computer.