Real Money Texas Holdem Small Stakes Strategy

texas holdem As well as there being a big difference in playing fun money poker and playing real money Texas hold'em online poker, there's also a differences in playing high and low stakes Texas hold'em, and of course you'll find plenty of easy money at the micro stakes end of the game. The micro and low stakes cash tables are simply full of new players to the game, and by learning how to read their plays and predict their next move, you can build a good cash game bankroll. Many of these players are fresh from freerolls and play money games and are still yet to learn the difference, and you'll see many a bad hand played at the low stakes tables.

Spotting the Fish Early in the Game

New players will play bad hands and very often chase cards, cards that rarely come, and it's good to be able to spot these types of players as soon as you take your seat. There are certain tell tale signs and a big sign is when a player continuously bets preflop, possibly holding either an ace or a picture card with very little else. Look out for players who will play any ace card and there are plenty of them. Very often these players will bet all the way to the river with just an ace, and should you be holding an AJ/AQ etc you have a great chance of beating them. Sure, they will hit their cards occasionally, possibly when you both have aces and they hit a 2 pair on the river, but your wins will far out way your losses.

Do Not Chase Straights and Flushes

A common mistake with newer players is to be constantly trying to make a straight or a flush. It's very often again that these players will go right to the wire searching for that elusive card that gives them the hand that they are looking for. You will see bad calls and bets by players with let's say 5,7,8,9 who are praying for a 6 on the rarely happens that they hit it and you can make the most of those types of hands. The same goes with flushes, and more often than not you will see players with 4 of a suit calling any bet in an attempt to see the card that gives them the flush. We all know that occasionally these cards are hit and great hands are made, and of course bad beats are common, but again...noticing these types of players at the small stakes tables early on can deliver a healthy profit for you.

These are of course players who you should be looking out for, and they are also things that you do not want to be doing. Don't be that player who calls anything with just an ace, avoid chasing cards when you know the odds are against you and basically don't be the player that is drawing to second best hands. Play good cards only, with of course the odd risk thrown in, however the most important thing is to spot the newbies quickly, watch their play and do not do the same things as them.