The Body Language of Poker

Every poker player has a different body language. It sometimes can show what exactly your hand is. It may be emotional or physical reaction or anything else. If you are aware of what your opponent behavior tells you can use it against never mind advanced players and novice players. Of course, there are always exceptions. Remember that professionals can give you false leads.

When you play poker, and you want to be a step forward your opponent watch closely for the following:

The eyes

Eyes are the mirror of soul. They never lie. That is the reason many professionals wear sunglasses when playing. There are also many other tricks to provoke somebody to reveal what is the player holding. For example if somebody from your opponents try to ask you questions you can be sure that s/he wants to test you - most likely is you are dishonest not to look someone in the eyes. Also when you see somebody to stare at his/her chips you can be sure that he/she is planning to raise.

Facial Expressions

Like eyes, face rarely can have false expression. For that reason professionals disguise their faces wearing a cap. A good player will never underestimate what your face is showing. S/he will look for worriness at your face (shows weak hand). Of course the good player can with precision detect the fake unhappiness of your face. So you should be very experienced player in order to use the facial expressions correctly.

Voice intonation

Here is the rule - when a player seems disinterested in the game, most likely is that he/she has a strong cards. Also when a player increases his voice when raising the pot - he/she may be bluffing. These rules are true mostly for novice players and very rarely for experienced players.

Tremulous hands

Tremulous hands are most likely to show a big hand. It applies not only to novice and average players but to expert players too.

Betting order

One of the most revealing expressions is the way someone does his bet during different situations. For example he/she folds every time when being re-raised. Or everything that repeats in his/her game behavior can be useful to you during a game.

Body Attitude

Most of the players' never mind experts or novice changes their position according to the cards they hold. For instance when a players drops his/her shoulders you can be sure that he/she has nothing strong and the reverse when a player stands in erect position he obviously is showing strength. But don't forget the rule Strong is Weak. Most often the bluffing person will be showing a"true" confidence.

Chip Organizing

The first thing you should do when you sit on a table you should look at the opponent's chips. Organized chips mean strong player, unorganized chips mean aggressive, sometimes bluffing player.