The Poker Players Alliance

The Poker Players Alliance have a tagline that just about sums things up..."Poker is Not a Crime: Join The Fight". The PPA was formed to protect the rights of each and every poker player. It's a non profit making organization that simply raises enough money to keep itself going through donations and membership fees. They use the argument that poker is a game of skill, and lobby at all levels to get the voice of poker playing individuals like you and me heard. A point to note is that they see no difference in online or offline poker, to them it's just the same, in that a bunch of people are getting together to play some cards, and by whatever means they are doing it is irrelevant. This is not an article asking you to sign up to the PPA, but I am trying to raise awareness of what they are doing and the hard work that they put in for us all. I would however ask that you follow up after reading this and check out their website, and make your own mind up.

PPA - The Facts

As mentioned it's a non-profit organization, it's main asset and most powerful resource are those players that support it through whatever means. The membership base consists of everyday Americans who love the game of poker and feel that their rights are being violated by the harsh laws around the game. Some members are very vocal, others pay their fee and simply read the newsletters and keep up to date with the latest issues, fund raising events and tournaments. Their main mission is to push governments to "establish favorable laws that provide poker players with a secure, safe and regulated place to play". They strongly believe that many of these laws that prohibit poker are misguided. They work with lawyers in many states attempting to change these laws and maybe even get them updated a little. While the PPA continue to work hard to make the poker world a better one, the US online players still have a fair few places they can play at, so take a look around, choose a room and play some poker.