The Suited Ace in Texas Hold’em

While two aces is considered the strongest hand in Texas Hold 'Em, another equally strong hand is the suited ace. What this means is that if you are dealt an ace and another card of the same suit, you are more likely to draw a flush in the flop. In fact, any suited face cards with an ace are strong hands. Conversely, if you are dealt an ace and a king, this is considered a "tricky" hand because one of two things can happen. If the king is of the same suit as the ace, the possibility of getting a flush is high. On the other hand, if the king is not of the same suit, you may still win the hand with an ace appearing in the flop. However, professional poker players caution that an ace and a low card of the same suit does not hold up as well especially if someone else has a pair of aces or your position is either early or middle.