Things you Should Know about Video Poker

Playing video poker online is very different than playing poker with your friends. For one thing, you are playing against a machine operated by an online casino. Although upon viewing a video poker game it is akin to a slot machine, it is miles apart and requires skill and a keen understanding of the game. Many players who enter the World Series of Poker began playing online, so it is not a game you can play lightly. There are things you should know about video poker before you begin online play.

Know the Rules

There are a variety of video poker games online, some that are called single hand and others than range up to 100 hands at a time. In order to master the game, it is recommended that you choose a simple video poker game such as 5 card stud, and learn everything there is to know about the game. Learn the order of winning hands, how to bet, when to hold and fold, and most importantly, choose an online casino that offers tutorials on video poker games. This can benefit you greatly in the long run.

Different Types of Video Poker Games

Because it is one of the most popular online casino games, you can find a variety of video poker games; some which may be unfamiliar to you. Ideally, learning these games takes time and a great deal of practice. Boldly playing a video poker game you are not familiar with can cost you dearly. As to the types of video poker games online, there is a virtual panacea of different games including: Aces and Faces, Deuces Wild, Deuces and Jokers, and Mega games such as multi-hand Jacks or Better, Joker Poker, and more. For example, the multi-hand Aces and Faces is a 5-hand video poker game. The Mega video poker games can go as high as 100 hands. Needless to say, although it looks like a slot machine, it doesn't play like one. You have to read the rules of the game, practice as much as you can before even considering playing for real money.

Payout Percentages

In order to garner the highest payouts, it would be prudent for you to examine the payout percentages at any given online casino. Let's use Jacks or Better single and multi-hand video poker as an example. Vegas Technology and Real Time Gaming casinos have a 99.54% payout rate. Aces & Eights has a 99.78% payout at RTG casinos, while the payout rate is 99.02% at Microgaming casinos. The highest payout percentage of all video poker games is Joker Poker, coming in at 100.18%. Be sure to check the payout percentages to determine what online casino offers the most.

Single Hand vs. Multi-Hand Video Poker

You may think that playing multi-hand video poker will garner you more wins than if you played single hand video poker. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Although the chances of getting the highest hand are greater in multi-hand video poker, the odds for both types of games are still the same.