Triple Stud

Triple Stud poker is not just one game, it is actually the combination of three different poker games that are played at a single table. It combines Seven Card Stud, Razz, and Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo. This is what makes Triple Stud such a popular game amongst the online poker crowd. Some players may find themselves thinking that it would be difficult to play three different kinds of poker games at the same table. The three poker games that make up Triple Stud are really easy to understand, but they do have their own set of rules that the player needs to know; if a player already knows one of the games rules, the other two will be even easier to understand. This does not mean that all three games are played at the same time; they are played in intervals of eight hands.

Triple Stud Poker History

There is not any real history behind the creation of Triple Stud poker, since it is not an actual variant of poker, but instead it takes three already established variants and unites them into one table. Seven Card Stud is a variant of the regular poker, and when poker was first introduced to the US in 1829 it took a while for it to emerge. It was during the American Civil War that Stud Poker was created. First came 5 Card Stud, and then in the early 1900’s is when Seven Card Stud was developed. From then on it has gained popularity.

Razz does not have a clear history of when it was first played or when it was first developed. They do know that it came after Seven Card Stud was invented, near the 1900’s. It has also gained a lot of popularity and was even included during the 1971 WSOP.

How to Play Triple Stud

As Triple Stud is made up of three poker variants, players need to know how to play each in order to play Triple Stud. However, Triple Stud is not the combination of those three; it is where all three are played separately, but at the same table. Each variant is played for a total of eight hands each, after which the next variant will be played, and so on.

Seven Card Stud

Instead of blinds, this game uses Ante and players will put in their ante to mark the beginning of the match. The dealer will give a total of three cards to each player, two of them will be face-down called hole or pocket cards, and the third card will be face-up. The player will look at their hold cards. The player that has the lowest card that is face-up has to put in a bet called a “bring in”. Each player will then proceed to bet; to call, raise, or fold.

That is the first round of betting. Another card is dealt to each player that is placed face-up. Another round of betting happens, where the player with the highest card showing will place the bet; every betting round after this will happen the same way, with the highest card betting. This occurs until the seventh card is dealt, which will be dealt face-down and the final round of betting occurs. The player that can make the best five-card hand from the seven cards they were dealt will win. The hand rankings are the same as for Texas Hold’em, and regular poker.


Razz is played the same way Seven Card Stud is played, with the same order and rules, except for the fact that instead of the highest hand winning, the lowest or the worst hand will be the winner. The lowest possible hand in Razz is the A-2-3-4-5, since straights and flushes do not count against a hand being low. The lowest card in Razz is the Ace.

When comparing the lowest hands, player will start with their highest card and compare. The player with the lowest card will be the winner. However, players cannot repeat cards. If a player has an A-2-3-3-4 it doesn’t mean that the player has the lowest hand, but instead has a Pair.

Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo

It is played exactly the same way as the regular Seven Card Stud but with the Hi/Lo variant included. The Hi option means that the highest hand will win and the Lo option means that the lowest hand will win. This means that there could be two possible winners; although it is also possible for the same player to get both the highest and lowest ranking hand. If one player gets the high hand and another gets the low hand, the pot will be split between them.