US Poker Law by State

There are no federal laws regarding playing the great game of poker, bet that online or offline, in casinos or at home and therefore it´s down to each individual state to determine the legality of enjoying real money poker. Below you´ll find a list of articles that detail the current legal position of each state in the US, and you may be surprised at the differences in poker laws between each state. Most US states are pretty laid back when it comes to home games, and many states license casinos or have Indian owned casinos where you can play however very few states actually mention online poker in their legal codes.

To date no-one in the US has ever been prosecuted for playing online poker, and we doubt anyone ever will be in fact in recent years there´s been a more relaxed, or should we say sensible approach to playing online poker in the United States, and in each article below you´ll not only find details of current laws but also suggestions as to where you can get a game of poker online.