Video Poker Strategy Double Double Bonus

The appeal with video poker is that there is an element of skill as well as that of chance. The hands are very similar to a game of poker and you need not be well versed in them since video poker games typically list the hands in order of vale down the one side of the screen. Playing a poker strategy is a sure way to burn your entertainment budget so stick to some simple guidelines to make your money.

In video poker you are dealt 5 cards. Of the 5 cards you can chose to hold a many of them as you wish by clicking on them. Clicking the deal button will replace the unheld cards with new cards. And it is from here that your best hand will be calculated. Double Double Bonus Video Poker is a spin off on Double Bonus Video Poker, based on Jacks Or Better but paying out double bonuses for paired hands. A pair is one of the easiest hands you can get in poker so to get a two times bonus on those paired up hands is a nice little extra to pocket.

Using Common sense will get you everywhere

While very few video poker players play Video Poker Double Double Bonus with a strategy most of them use common sense. Common sense tells you to hold the cards in a hand that require fewer cards to complete a winning combination. Going for a larger hand also means a higher payout. For example a hand with three diamonds and an ace some player will opt to play the ace as the high card and go for perhaps another ace when the new cards are dealt. While this strategy suggests that three diamonds may be closer to forming a decent winning hand it is also riskier.

Following this strategy may pay the highest dividends breaking even can be done more easily when you consider that the chances of each hand on the list are more probable from bottom up. Compare the initial hand that you are dealt with the hands on the table. Holding onto a pair at least guarantees you of a win. But if the cards also look as though they are forming a better hand and all you need is one card, try your luck, your risks may well be worth it. This is the fastest way to rake up extra wins with the Double Double feature with this version of video poker because of all the pairs that you will be concentrating on lining up.

Strategy cards for increasing the odds

Using a strategy card may also be worth your while. These can be found anywhere on the internet. How they work is that they list all the hands in the order of their priority. Their priority is how hard and fast you should be hunting that particular hand. Working them is easy. Compare the hand you dealt with each hand in order of priority considering how many cards you need in that initial hand to complete that hand. The fewer cards you need, the better the chances of getting the hand you are looking for.

Such a strategy card lists the higher value combinations right at the top and lower value combinations right at the bottom. So this is in effect the opposite strategy to the more conservative one above. Start off with a conservative strategy that takes full advantage of the Double Double bonuses and then move onto the tighter strategy zoning in on the higher hands. The more you practice doing this the better you will get at cashing in on big wins.