Why is Real Money Texas Holdem so Popular?

Texas Hold’em is by far and away the most popular poker variety played today. It’s by far the most prominent game variation both online and offline and what’s more is that its popularity just keeps on growing. One of the reasons for this is because it is pretty simple to play and the basics of the game can be picked up in just a few hours. It will of course take a whole lot longer than that to master the game, however with just a little practice at the tables you’ll find that you can enjoy a game of Texas Hold’em in no time. Maybe before playing real money Texas Hold’em, you should however practice a little first at the free money tables or even at home with friends.

The Domino Effect of Online Texas Hold’em

Online Texas Hold’em players outnumber other types of players massively, and this has a huge knock on or domino effect. When a new poker player signs up and begins playing in one of the many US online poker rooms, they have a choice of what poker variation they choose to play. Many will have already made up their mind that Texas Hold’em is the game for them and to many people Texas Hold’em is simply poker by another name. However for those that are unsure, then one quick look in the poker lobby almost always makes their mind up for them.

They will see that the Texas Hold’em cash game tables are far busier, there are simply so many more players there and this in turn leads them to join. Tables will be busy at all stake levels meaning that finding a cash game is much easier, Texas Hold’em sit n go tournaments will fill up very quickly and almost all freerolls are Texas Hold’em tournaments too. Every single big guaranteed weekend tournament will be a Texas Hold’em tournament too and to put it simply, Texas Hold’em cash games and tourneys dominate the lobby of all online poker rooms. This is however in no way a bad thing, other variations are always there to be enjoyed and those that wish to play Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo and Stud games can most certainly do that.

Major Tournaments and Main Events....It’s all Hold’em

Adding to the mix is the fact that all major land based tournaments and main events are also Texas Hold’em poker. The WSOP Main Event, all WSOP Circuit main events, WPT and EPT big games are Texas Hold’em. Also, the likes of the Punta Cana Poker Classic, The Latin Series of Poker and Caribbean Poker Adventure are of course all Texas Hold’em. The games popularity will continue, of that there is no doubt and it provides a huge amount of people with a huge amount of pleasure, and long may that continue.