2-7 Single Draw

2-7 Single Draw Poker

2-7 Single Draw poker would be 2-7 Triple Draw twin's brother. They are very similar in gameplay and rules, but Single Draw is much more intense. The style of gameplay uses lowball rules, where the lowest hand wins, but it is also a draw card game. 2-7 Single Draw is also called Deuce to Seven or Kansas City Lowball. Draw card games are where players receive all of the cards and they must use only the ones in their hand in order to win. Most of the newer draw card poker variants, such as the 2-7 Single Draw, have not gained the amount of popularity that the community card variants have received. They are however, closer to the original poker that was played in the past. It is not because they are worse, but simply played differently, with different rules and levels of competition.

2-7 Single Draw Poker History

The draw card poker history has been a long one. This poker style is actually the closest form there is to the original poker. Poker was said to have started in France and Germany, and others believe it started in England, who is right is hard to tell. As time changed, so did poker. It has changed, adapted, and created new forms of itself. It was not until much, much later that these kinds of poker styles would emerge. Single draw poker would come after its counterpart, Triple draw, after its debut at the 2004 WSOP events. Although the Single Draw has not been made into an event at any of the major tournaments, players can still find it being played at the online poker rooms.

How to Play 2-7 Single Draw Poker

2-7 Single Draw poker is a form of Lowball, which in turn is a draw card variant. Lowball simply means that the players can only win by having the lowest hand. The game is very fast, where each match is limited to a total of two betting rounds, and a single draw round; this is where its name comes from, only one draw per match.

When the match is starting, the dealer will hand out 5 cards to each player. These cards are referred to as hole cards, since they are given to the players face down; meaning those cards are for that players eyes only. This is when the first round of betting will occur. During this round players can call, raise, or fold depending on the cards they have. This is where the game gets intense, with the first and only draw round. Players will exchange their unwanted cards for new ones from the untouched deck; they can change any number of their cards. Once every player has done this, the last round for betting occurs. This is make-it or break-it time. If there are two or more players still in the game, this is when they all show their cards in order to figure out which player has won.

The single draw round makes this game really fast paced, with infinite possibilities for the players. The speed of the game makes for a much more interesting gameplay; keeping the players interested instead of waiting long periods between hands.

2-7 Single Draw Poker Rules

As the name would suggest it, there is only one draw round, with two rounds for betting. Players can use the Blind betting scheme, but most players use the ante; an ante in an initial, forced bet. The player with the lowest hand will win the round and the pot. In order for players to win the pot they have to either be the only player still in the game or beat the remaining players during the showdown. When there is a showdown, in order to determine the winner, the player's show their cards. The highest card in each hand is compared, and the lowest one of those will be the winner. If the cards are of the same rank, then the next card is compared, and this can go on until all 5 cards are compared and a winner is determined. If two players have the same ranking hand, the pot is then split between them.

The rules and the gameplay is as easy as it gets, and with how fast the game goes, there isn't a moment where the player can lose interest.