Black Chip Poker Elite Benefits

Black Chip Casino
Black Chip poker offers one of the most innovative and rewarding loyalty programs to be found in online poker today. It helps boost your bankroll and every single player is included, no mater how little or large you like to play. As soon as you take your seat in a real money cash game or tournament, you are in, and the more you play the bigger the Elite Benefits will be. Loyalty is rewarded and you'll earn points multipliers too, giving you a helping hand all the way to the top of the Elite Benefits ladder. There a six different levels, and they are.....

  • Player
  • Rounder
  • Grinder
  • Veteran
  • Legend
  • Icon

Earning points as you play is easy and you'll receive 5.5 Benefits Points (BP's) for every $1.00 paid in tourney fees and 5.5 BP's for every single dollar raked whilst playing cash games. As well as the BP's you will also accrue Player Points each and every month, and these PP's depend on your level as a special PP multiplier is set for each of the six levels. This works for the player in two ways in that the more you play the higher the level, and the higher the level the bigger the multiplier meaning you get to climb the levels pretty quickly. Players Points can be used in the fantastic Black Chip Poker online store where you can get your hands on tourney entries, merchandise and even a car! To take a look at you level simply click on the Rewards tab in the main lobby.

Black Chip Rewards Levels

So, you are earning points, the question is, what can you do with them. Let's take a look at each level and the Black Chip Poker rewards that are available. Before we do that, just a quick note on what Black Chip call Achievement Awards. These are the hard cash rewards that are given in exchange for points, are available at all levels of the program and you can start exchanging with just 750 BP's for $10.

  • Player Rewards - The first level of the program gets you started and ready for the bigger things to come, but there are plenty of treats in store for you. Player level offers you the basics such as a X1 multiplier, freeroll entries, Player store access and also Points to cash using Achievement Rewards.
  • Rounder Rewards - The next level is Rounder and things start to heat up a little as the multiplier increases to X1.5 and on top of the Player rewards you'll get the Rounder store access with $50 cash in store.
  • Grinder Rewards - Up to level 3 now and a multiplier of X2 is added to your points. You'll get the regular perks along with access to the Grinder store and $300 cash in store and as you can see, things are starting to pick up.
  • Veteran Rewards - Level 4 is the Veteran level and a X2.5 multiplier is awarded. You'll have access to the Veteran store and $600 cash in store, and there's more. The Veteran level also offers you the option of redeeming your points for Latin Series of Poker packages along with Punta Cana packages
  • Legend Rewards - You've now hit the big time and your Legend status gives you a X3.5 points multiplier, Legend Elite store access, up to $4,000 in store cash, LSOP and Punta Cana package deals as well as Legendary Bonus Access.
  • Icon Rewards - Let's face it, this is for the huge players and should you get here, you know you've made it as a poker player, and there's no looking back as once at this level you get to stay there for the year. You'll receive a X5 multiplier, Icon Store Elite access, $10,000 in store cash and Luxury live LSOP and Punta Cana packages. This is where you want to be, play hard and you'll get there.

As you can see it's a well designed and fair program, with the more you play the more you'll receive. The store is incredible with all sorts of gadgets, high tech toys, poker vacations, tourney entries and so much more. You'll get some outstanding bonuses as you make your way up the ladder and it's one loyalty and rewards program that you are going to want to be a part of. Sign up to Black Chip Poker right now and start your climb to become the next Poker Icon.