How to Build a Bankroll Playing Freerolls

Lets start by saying it exactly like it is, yes you can build a bankroll by playing freerolls, but it can be tough and a little time consuming. There are however ways in which you can cut down on the amount of time it takes to get your freeroll bankroll looking decent, and ways in which you can get in the money seats on a regular basis.

Here we will look at a few of the ways in which you can make a start on building a bankroll by playing in the many freerolls on offer, and we'll take it for granted that you know basic poker tournament strategy and a little on how on how to change that up when playing in freerolls.

Get Signed up With Plenty of Rooms

Many people play in freerolls to check out the poker rooms software, and find out if they like the room or not, however when all you want to do is build a freeroll bankroll, then you can put aside the things you may not like about any particular rooms software, as you are here for the money and nothing else. The key word here is 'free' so let's remember that it's free to sign up to any poker room, it's free to download the software and it's free to play in freerolls, and those are the only things that you are looking for in an Online Poker room for this exercise. So why sign up to many? You should sign up to as many rooms as possible simple because each room will offer big freerolls at different times, and this also helps on cutting down your time building your bankroll...remember here, that your bankroll does not have to be at just one room. As soon as you have a decent bankroll at one room and want to start playing real money there, then great, but in the meantime, you can still build your stash in other rooms.

Many rooms will have plenty of freerolls on offer, all week in fact, but it's always a good idea to be able to pick and choose the ones you wish to play in, and they may not all be in the same room. One room may have a great freeroll on a Saturday, the other a Sunday....and so on.

Freeroll Field Size

When trying to build your bankroll, you'll also want to take a look at the field sizes of the freerolls at the different rooms too. Having multiple accounts will give you the chance to check out the size of the fields in each, and at different times of the day. You may find that there are 2 similar freerolls at 2 different rooms but that there's a huge difference in the amount of long as they pay the same amount of players you know where you should be heading.