8-Game Mix

The 8-Game Mix has become a very popular online poker sensation ever since H.O.R.S.E. emerged in both online play and in live tournament play, especially when it was introduced at the World Championship. H.O.R.S.E. is a 5-Game Mix, and the 8-Game Mix is labeled as T.H.O.R.S.E.H.A. Each letter is a different type of poker game, and they are all played is sequence at the same table. As there are 8 different poker game variations that are being played, they have to limit the amount of players at the table to a total of six participants.

The Breakdown for 8-Game Mix

T.H.O.R.S.E.H.A. is eight games in total. Each letter represents a different poker variation that is played during the 8-Game Mix. The T stands for Limit 2-7 Triple Draw, H is Texas Hold'em, O is Limit Omaha Hi/Lo, R is for Razz, S is Limit Seven Card Stud, E is Limit Stud Eight or Better Hi/Lo, H is for No-limit Hold'em, and finally the A stand for Pot-limit Omaha.

Some of the poker games are similar since they are simple variations of the same game, while the others are completely different, with their own rules. Players do not need to know how to play every single one, but it helps to understand each since it makes it a lot easier for the players to win. Knowledge is power, and the player that knows how to play more will indubitably win and/or have an advantage over the rest.

How to Play 8-Game Mix

In order to properly play the 8-Game Mix, the player would need to learn how to play each individual game. There are some variants that are draw card types, while others are community card types. Draw card types are where players get the cards dealt to them and then they can exchange the cards they want for new cards from the deck. The community card types use a system where each player gets a certain amount of cards, but then the dealer shows 5 other cards that can be used by all the players at the table. Learning the difference between Limit, No-limit, and Pot-limit is also important because it determines how much the blinds and antes will be.

The way 8-Game Mix is played is pretty easy itself. All 8 games are not played at the same time, but instead follow a certain order; they follow the order that is in the acronym T.H.O.R.S.E.H.A. The game process would start with Triple Draw, and then it would follow until it reached Pot-limit Omaha. Once Omaha is finished, the process would simply start over. The poker games are changed every six hands or when it comes to tournaments, they change after each round. It is straight forward, and when it is played online the software makes it easy to recognize which poker game they are currently playing.

Tips for 8-Game Mix

Instead of talking about each individual poker variant that is played, there are several tips that can be used while playing 8-Game Mix. In order for some of these tips to be more effective, the players should have a good grasp on how to play each type of game.

The first thing players should do is learn to read their opponents. This basically means observe the other players and see who does poorly at which type of game. More often than not, players do not know how to play one or more of the games, at least not properly. This will give you the edge, and you should take advantage when you are playing their weakest game. This is a strategy that most professional poker players use; they get rid of the weaker opponents first so they can focus on the harder ones.

The second tip, which should really be a habit, is to read and gain knowledge. There are plenty of books and online articles that are written by the poker pros. They give great insight into how to handle certain situations, and this knowledge can come in handy when playing against tougher opponents. It can also help develop a good, strong playing style, which is the third tip.

Developing a proper playing style is important. The steadier a player is, the better his chances at winning are. A player that is always all over the place with his betting and playing is seen as weak willed player and will be bullied by stronger opponents.

A last tip for 8-Game Mix is to never play beyond your bankroll tolerance. The other players will not respect this, and that gives you the advantage. When they play the No-limit or Pot-limit games, they will get pot-committed which is when you should strike, which is when you should be raising and maxing them out.

There are plenty of other tips out there, so players should take advantage of this wealth of information and get better. Playing 8-Game Mix will also let players become skilled in many different poker variants at the same time.