Carbon Poker Odds Calculator

This fantastic tool from Carbon Poker will help those of you that are new to the game get going and more experienced players improve their game and build that bankroll. Poker is a delicate mix of skill and luck where even the best players at times can fall short of the mark. It takes time and patience to become a good player and that's where this tool can help you speed up your game so that when you hit the felt you know where you stand. So lets take a look at how this awesome gadget from Carbon Poker can help you!

Complex Technology yet Simple to Use!

First thing is, it's free to all Carbon Poker players, a quick and easy download and its ready to take to the tables. Knowing the strength of your hand is often hard, especially for the newer player so having it displayed for you is such a help. This cutting edge software will let you know exactly what your odds are along with many other snippets of help and guidance. If you are unsure of how to use it, try testing it out on play money tables first, get the hang of it, then take it to the real cash games. It works on No Limit, Fixed Limit and Pot Limit Texas Hold 'em and can be used on ring games as well as tournaments. It will also give you stats on your opponents, giving you an immediate advantage at the tables. So, become a better player, take the guessing out of your game and take advantage of this great tool.

Winning Features!

First feature of note is the Win Odds feature. This will give you your odds on winning based on your pocket cards and the community cards as well as taking into consideration the amount of players in the hand. This will give you a great insight as to whether to play on or get out of the hand, potentialy saving you plenty of cash and building your confidence. This has to be the main feature but there are many others such as, Pot Odds, Expected Value, Player Stats, Hand Replayer and Mucked Hand Display...the list goes on and on, it is one very powerful tool.

Nobody likes to lose!

It's easy to jump onto a table and start throwing your chips around and crossing your fingers at the turn of every card. So many players do this and most of them will lose their bankroll. Going into a hand blind and chancing it is not the way good poker players earn their money. The Carbon Poker Odds Calculator will take away some of the risk and give you that edge you need to win each hand. It will make you a much better player by almost telling you when you should fold your cards and walk away keeping your bankroll and your pride intact! Increase your chances of winning by getting to Carbon Poker and making the best use possible of this great new addition!