Huge Weekend Freerolls

Sign up to Full Flush Poker right now using code SSPFREE and you will get access to some great freerolls. Sunday 22nd September at 3pm ET sees a $1,500 freebie, and with only 12 players being paid, being in the money means a great payout. The following Sunday there will be an even bigger $2,000 freeroll, meaning even more amounts of free cash! Get signed up to Full Flush Poker right now and don't forget to use code SSPFREE when you do.

Free Roll up Your Bank Roll!

Free rolls are great on so many levels, both for the online poker player and the room itself. For the player it allows you to learn the game, try out the room and get to know the software, finally allowing you to make the decision on whether or not that particular room is for you. For the poker room it gets people on the tables and gets the chat going making it a great environment to play in. Now, back to you, the player...Free rolls are of course free to enter, but most online poker sites will throw in a small amount to play for and the smarter player uses this to build up a small bank roll before trying his or her luck on the real cash tables. It's a very sensible way to start your poker playing experience as basically you get to play real cash for free. However be warned, the style of play when playing a free roll is very different to when it becomes real money. Many players in free roll tourneys play very loosely, you will see ridiculous calls and all ins' on hands that real money players would muck as fast as you can say "fold". The secret to building up a bank roll using free rolls is to treat them as real money games. Before making a call, ask yourself, "if this were real cash, would I do this?" You need to be as patient in free rolls as you should be in real money games and wit until the time is right to strike. If you can master that, you are half way there.

Where to Play Free Rolls

As mentioned, most room will offer free rolls and here are a few great options for you. Betonline Poker offer free rolls every hour that vary in both prize pool and game type. Most of course are Texas Holdem but you will find Omaha tourneys, along with turbo tourneys and more. Prize pools here vary from $20 up to the big one at $500. Sports Betting Poker is also a great place to take a look at as their Home Run Free Rolls promotion gives you more than enough choice of when to take to the tables. Some rooms give you entry to a larger free roll as part of your sign up and welcome bonus. Americas Cardroom for example, on top of the 100% bonus also offers its' new players entry into a $250 free roll. There are many options to play free rolls out there, simply check out the tourney schedules in the lobby of your choice!