Knowing When to Multi-Table in Poker

If you've played online poker, you are aware that you can play more than one hand. But there is another facet to online poker that many players are into, and that is multi-table poker. Imagine, if you will, playing at more than one table - as many as 8 or nine tables! Many players have attested to the fact that playing at one table just doesn't cut it for them and that mastering multi-table in poker can be an exhilarating experience as well as a lucrative one. But knowing when is the key. Certainly, if you are just beginning to play online poker, one table can be enough of a challenge. While there are many players who have played four tables, it takes a keen mind and a thorough knowledge of the game to master more than four poker tables at a time.

Why Play More than One Poker Table?

There are many reasons why devout poker players choose to multi-table. Some say they get bored at one table while others enjoy the thrill of having the ability to play over 100 poker hands in an hour. Although one cannot imagine that scenario, nevertheless, it occurs every day online. In looking at this new phenomenon, one also has to wonder if playing multi-table poker is a winning proposition. For some, it is the only way to fly. Choosing the right poker games can be rewarding, but it takes a great amount of practice and stamina to master several tables, let alone the number of games at each table. In addition, playing multi-table poker requires a high monitor resolution so that the tables are clearly shown and in some cases, a second monitor may be required.

Making the Right Decisions

Given the fact that playing all hands at one poker table, for example, requires making the right decisions; playing multi-table poker not only requires that skill, but total concentration on every single hand at every single table. This type of poker play may appear insurmountable, nonetheless, it occurs. But, you also have to ask yourself if the odds of winning are on your side. Certainly, there have been cases where professional poker players have played at a dozen or more poker tables and have won, but can you imagine the stress of trying to maintain this type of balancing act? Perhaps that's why they are pros.

Is Multi-Table Poker the Ultimate Enjoyment?

Frankly, that's a question only you can answer. If you are comfortable with playing 6 hands, it seems obvious that working your way up to two, three, or more poker tables is an on-going process and one that you have to be comfortable with enjoyment wise and money wise. It seems to this writer that simply playing 6 hands at one poker table is analogous to borrowing from Peter to pay Paul. So imagine playing at four poker tables. What are the chances you will come out on top? According to multi-table poker players, it IS the ultimate enjoyment, but it takes practice and many skills to perfect this type of poker play. What do you think?

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Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker no longer Available

Sadly Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker are no longer operating, however there are still many great poker rooms available for US players.