The Merge Gaming Network is well-known poker network, having many different kinds of websites underneath them. They have online poker, casino, and sportsbook websites as affiliates. Although the network itself has moderate traffic, it is a high ranking network in terms of software and playability and being within the biggest for US players. Merge is a US friendly network, and that may be a reason for their traffic count, since most players around the world do not play on US friendly sites. Their impressive software is developed by Merge Gaming, the same owners of the poker network.

Merge Software

Merge Gaming and the Merge Gaming Network are part of the same company, which administrates the poker websites, as well as creates the software for each. They have to make diverse software since they develop it for online poker rooms, as well as casinos, and they have gotten exceedingly good at this task. The poker software that is available on the poker websites is made so that they are compatible with both PC's and Mac's, allowing a greater range of members to play. They also made it so that it would be compatible with Holdem Manager and Poker Tracker 3, which are cool tools that poker players use to keep track of their stats. The poker program has actually been praised for being well developed. It permits players to easily multi-table, which what a lot of aggressive type players look for.

Merge Websites and Traffic

With the amount of poker sites, as well as the high quality of their software, it is a surprise that the Merge Networks traffic is not higher than it is; especially since it is also a US friendly network. They do average about 1,200 real money game players at any given time, but it would seem that their player count average for an entire day is at 11,000 players.

Within the network, there are many different poker sites, but the ones that stand out the most would be Carbon Poker, PDC Poker, Aced Poker, and Black Chip Poker. Carbon Poker would be one of the most popular sites. It has been running since 2006 and has constantly adapted to its surroundings; making changes to the website and software in order to satisfy their members. PDC Poker and Aced Poker are pretty similar in the way their websites are laid out. Having a more relaxed attitude and giving the players the feeling that playing poker here will be an enjoyable experience. The last site, Black Chip Poker, is actually set up in a manner as to convey the message that anyone can play poker, and get good at it. They have a simple website layout, where it is not as saturated with information, but instead showing the necessary information and keeping the website clean and to the point, since all you want to do is play poker and get your winnings.

Merge Poker Games

The Merge Gaming Network has a great selection of poker games that are available on their websites. They may even have a broader selection that most other networks. They have the basic two that are a must have, Texas Hold'em and Omaha. Having not as popular games available, like 5 Card Draw and 5 Card Stud, lets them bring in a more diverse player group. They also offer some other uncommon games that players enjoy such as Badugi, H.O.R.S.E. and its variations, as well as Razz, and Triple Draw Lowball. This is a big selection of different kinds of poker styles, giving them a great opportunity to bring in more players.

Merge Gaming Network Pros vs. Cons

The network does have a low traffic count, which is hurting the competition side of poker. Since most players will be facing off against the same opponents, they may not find it as enjoyable or competitive. However, with the combined effect of being US friendly and having a great software package, along with the great variety of poker games, the Merge Network should be able to attract more players. The software is designed beautifully, making it easy for players to multi-table. The possibilities are there, all they need to do is market it better.