Quarter Poker Quarter Poker is new, it’s different, and for anyone who wants to play risk free real money Texas hold’em poker it’s just fantastic. Quarter Poker offers players in the US a different kind of online poker account in that they will give you $0.25 to begin with and you get to hit the virtual felt with real money. It may only be $0.25 but you have the chance to build that up by playing in Texas hold’em tournaments and should you show enough skills at the tables, then when you get to $50 you can cash out. Think of it as a challenge...are you good enough to turn just $0.25 into $50 of cold hard cash?

How Quarter Poker Works

It’s simple to get going, and first up you open up your account. You will be given the $0.25 and you take it to the tournament tables. Play hard, turn it into $50 and cashout via Paypal, should you at anytime lose your $0.25 you may reset your account and start all over again. You will never have to play a penny and what’s even better is that the Quarter Poker software runs on all types of devices, smartphone and tablets included and there is no download.

Why Play With Just $0.25?

The simple answer to that one is because it is real money, and playing for real money matters more, however it’s not all about the cash. The Quarter Poker offering gives poker players a chance to practice, and sure you may play at free money tables and pick up the rules of the game, but that doesn’t really allow you to play the game for real. Anyone who has played at fun money tables and then switched over the real thing will tell you that there is a huge difference, even when just cents are involved. You will learn a whole lot more playing at micro stakes tables or in tiny buy in tournaments in just a few days than you ever can playing fun money. OK so Quarter Poker is not for serious players, the grinders will need a whole lot more cash floating around, but to get you going it is a great option.