The BetOnline Poker April Easter Egg Hunt


The excellent US online poker room of BetOnline Poker have rolled out an Easter poker promotion that runs for the whole month of April, and as is the case with most of their promos it's perfect for the recreational online player who wants a little added value and fun. The BetOnline Easter Egg Hunt is a great rake race and it's one that allows you to earn as much extra cash as you wish, with no limit to the amount of chocolate treats that you can earn...and then of course exchange those treats for real cash.

To begin with you'll need to earn the lowly prize of a bag of chips, and you'll get one of those with every dollar in rake that you make. When you have 5 bags of chips you'll be given the slightly better prize of a hard candy, then 5 hard candy treats gets you an even better marshmallow Easter egg. Five of those and you'll be rewarded with the candy coated egg, and your job is to keep playing until you exchange 5 of those for a hollow bunny which is worth $50, and this is where the going gets good. Just 3 hollow bunnies gets you an M & M filled bunny which is worth $150 and then 3 of those are exchanged for the caramel fudge chocolate filled Easter egg which as well as sounding extremely tasty is also worth a super sweet $500.

It's basically a case of keep playing those real money poker hands, creating the rake and collecting the cash. As we've said it's just a little fun and it's a cool little Easter promotion, but it's one that can earn you extra cash and that's what it's all about. New players to BetOnline Poker will receive a cool 200% welcome bonus with just a $50 deposit and there are a ton of other great offers available too. Check out BetOnline Poker and fill yourself up on sweet poker treats this Easter!