One Hand Coliseum Poker

A lot of people play video poker online and it's easy to see why. You'll get a great opportunity to try your luck with poker if you go to the Bovada Poker, because they've got some superb games there for you to play.

Coliseum Poker has made a big splash there recently, and the best way you can get stuck in is to start playing One Hand Coliseum Poker right now. Let's explore the benefits and features of this amazing game!

Do you need to understand poker to play the game?

It does help to know a little bit about it. But even if you have never played poker before there is no need to worry.

For starters you can play One Hand Coliseum Poker for free if you opt for the practice selection at Bovada Poker. This will give you time to practice and understand how the game works. Then you can play for real money!

Is it easy to tell which poker hands you could win with?

Yes, and this will help everyone with the game, not just newbies. When the game loads you can enlarge the game screen. This makes it easier to see the list of poker hands that could win when you start playing.

The list of poker hands also reveals how much you could win for the bet you place. This will be highlighted according to your bet too, so it makes the game even easier to play.

What are the maximum and minimum bets on the game?

You can play up to five coins per game and the maximum five coins will reveal the biggest prize too. If you manage to get a Royal Flush with five coins played on the hand, you'll scoop the jackpot!

There is no difference to the bet amount, since this is always one coin. You just have to decide whether you want to play between one and five coins per hand.

What is the game themed with?

The game has a great Coliseum feel and look to it, so watch out for characters from ancient Rome to appear on the reels. They're quite a dramatic sight!

Download and play your own game of One Hand Coliseum Poker today!

You'll be glad you did and it could unlock some winning hands for you. Focus on one hand games to start with - One Hand Coliseum Poker is definitely a winner!