Using Full Flush Poker POP Points

POP's or Player Options Points at flush -poker-review.html">Full Flush Poker give real money poker players at this great US friendly online poker room rewards every time they hit the tables. POP's are awarded to players every time they play in a raked hand or buy in to one of the many Full Flush tournaments. When playing cash games you will earn 1 POP point for every 10 cents that you contribute in rake, and if you're a tournament player then you'll get 10 POP's for every $1 in tourney fees that you pay. These points accumulate fast and can prove to be very valuable when building your Full Flush Poker bankroll.

So what can you use your POP's for? Player Options Points can be used to either buy in to tournaments or you may exchange them directly for cash, it's your call. 100 POP points will get you $0.50 and anytime you wish to check how many points you have you simply login to your Full Flush account and click on the POP Transaction Report. To exchange your points for cash just launch the Full Flush poker software, and from the menu click on 'Claim POP' and once you've clicked on convert, the cash will be in your account immediately. When using POP points for tournament entry, they will be converted into Promo Bucks and you simply buy in with these, and it's worth mentioning that Full Flush use Promo Bucks for plenty of their promotions too, often offering ways to increase the amount of these you get when playing, and they are well worth having in your account to get free entry into Full Flush Poker tournaments. POP points are a great feature at Full Flush and just another reason why so many US online poker players are playing their game at the Full Flush tables.